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ranger flares on B2300


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July 12, 2011
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97 B2300 se
first this is my first post and hope i can get some good feedback. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the rear wheel flares off a ranger will fit my 1997 Mazda B2300 SE. i want to put the flares on the rear but can't seem to get an answer . thanks.

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I'll guess no. Ranger rear wheel openings are a perfect semi-circle, and I think the Mazdas are slightly squared off.
You could possibly trim your fender to a matching curve...

From what I've seen, the Mazdas just have the flares that have the upper part squared off, but the bottom of the flares and the fenders themselves are the same shape as the Rangers.


No Flares:

You can know for sure by just removing your flares. I'm pretty sure most any same model year Ranger flares will fit. The Ford/Mazda bodies don't usually go to the trouble of different sheet metal, just differences in plastic trim and lamp appearance.

ok then i have to do some body work and i can not find patch panels for the mazda would ranger patch panels work???

Full body panels or just patch panels?

The lines are a little different between the models, with the Ranger usually smooth and simple and the B2300 having some fancy fender and bed lines, so as long as the patch panels aren't in those areas, they should be the same.

It is the same as a ranger till 97 at least. I have a 95 B2300 ext cab

it is right over the wheel wells and about 4" up. so if i was to use a patch panel off a ranger would it fit and if so would it just look different then the front fender.

You could probably just use regular sheet metal. Bend it so it fits perfect, tack weld it all the way around, use some body filler and finishing putty, and have good results.

I don't think a patch panel is needed except on areas with funky shapes you can't really make yourself.