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Ranger Owners: Show Off Your Truck

^ That's a great looking Ranger:chug:

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My 98 5.0 toy


My 98 that I have been working off and on for the last 7 years.



Here is how it looks today.


My 86 199,000 miles still building and fixing previous owners doings


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I'm back into the Explorer/ Ranger forums.

Two years since I sold my 1996 Explorer 4.0 I am now the owner of a 2014 Ranger 2.3 turbodiesel. As I understand, you do not have this chassis/ body in the US? This one is for the European/ Asian/ African market, made in SA as I recall. But you can get it as a Mazda????

The Ranger has a bit harsher ride than the Explorer did. However; less expenses on gas, much nicer interior and a bunch of other good stuff on the Ranger....

Here's the rig with the car- salesman to
And a little goodbye from my old Ford Transit that I owned for 5 years....