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Ranger project


February 22, 2007
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89, 91, 93
bought a 89 ranger r title and had to replace the whole front clip frame was a little bent out of shape but was just in front of where sway bay bolts on all thats left is building my bumper and roll bar and shell be ready for the trails iv been off an on this site for at least a yr and iv only ever had my 2x4 I'm tickled to get a 4x4 running and to be bringing a Ford back from the dead i hope to soon have pics of the ranger in the making any info for add ons mostly winches just lil hints and tricks i might not already know anything is helpfull:us:

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my bad. im known for doing that lol ... but ya lifted 33 super swampers or somting along those lines.. a buddy of mine has a 87 lifted, jasper crate motor, and its a good all around truck a lil wore out at the moment.. im gonna start off with the basics but now that i have 2 trucks i dont have to worry about one beein down

Well your 89 is basically the same as his 87, for clearance reasons. So if he clears 33s you can get the same amount of lift has him. If you're not affraid to cut metal you could fit them pretty much stock on a different set of rims.

Check out this thread. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=598217

no problems cutting anything lol. already cut inner metal fender to match up the rad support and fenders.