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Ranger rear bumper in progress


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October 23, 2001
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La Quinta, Ca.
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97 SC Ranger xlt
I've put off finishing my bobbed bed, I have to weld in the inner piece of sheet metal but its gonna be a real pain in the :mattmoon:
So I've decided to do something a little easier and make a rear bumper. I started with 2"x4"x.120 wall tubing and 45'd the ends, similar to a TJ bumper.
I then capped the ends with the same thickness material as the tubing.
For the brackets, i'm going to use 2x4 tubing again welded to the bumper itself then drill 4 holes on each side, the bolts will run throught the frame, to the welded brackets and finally to a plate that will slip inside the brackets with welded nuts on it. I will also weld on a 2x2 crossmember to give it more support. I need to make a run down to Schorr metals in Anaheim to get more material and they also have weld on tow rings...kinda like D-rings but these are non removabale.

Here's a couple pics of the bumper mocked up:


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Looks good, wish I had welding skills :)

Thanks...still working on my skills but everything seems to be holding up :p

Nice job so far, looks good

Looks good so far -will look very good when you are done

p.s.- off the subject but why are your rear tires have opposite tread pattern on them??

Thanks guys :chug:

rino351, my tire is like that because that was my spare tire and it just happened to be the wrong side that got a flat. I was wheelin one weekend and my tire slipped off a rock into a bush where a branch punctured the sidewall. It was a pretty big gash and no tire store wanted to touch it but one guy suggested I try a couple of plugs and it seems to have worked after a couple yrs now but I keep that tire as my spare.
On another note, people say that its not good to run a directional tire in the opposite direction. I believe that to be a myth from my experience with these tires. I have driven it that way 2 yrs with no problems now, at freeway speeds and all. It wears no more than the tires in their intended direction.

Well, I made a steel run this morning and got what I needed to finish my bumper...also got some tubing to make some sliders :bounce:
I've decided I'm not gonna do the weld on tow rings because I dont trust them on such thin wall (.120) material. I'll just mount some tow hooks to the underside of the frame.
It's kind of hard to get motivated to work on it this weekend since the temps will be pushing 110.
Pics to come when I finish it up.

Yeah I could see how that would slow you down.
It's only been in the high 60's to low 70's here, with thundershowers

Those temps sound refreshing...we only see low 70's after midnight lol.

So, I cut the brackets down to the size I needed and drilled all the holes, 12 total...4 in each bracket and 4 on the frame. I'm going to use the rear holes of the shackle hanger since I dont have that much room left on the frame after I shortened it. I welded nuts on the inside of the 2x4 brackets so it will just bolt right on to the frame. All thats left now is to weld the brackets on and paint it, hopefully I can finish it up today.


Finally finished the bumper and all thats left is to paint it and bolt it on.
It slides in beautifuly (it pays to measure) between the frame rails and will bolt right up with the nuts that are welded on the inside of the brackets. I capped the ends of the brackets soon after I snapped these shots.

Here's a couple of pics:


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Looks very nice!!!!
Will you paint it black?
Yes, measuring does pay off! lol

Thanks rino...yeah, i'm gonna hit with some semi-gloss black but i'll prime it first.
I'll post a pic once its all painted and mounted.

Look great, like all work you do to your ranger.....

and i must say THAT is one Nice A## Ranger!:thumbsup:


Nice work...that looks like one strong @$$ bumper.

Thanks again guys...its all primed and ready for me to paint today, pics soon to follow.

Dave, you going to copy my license plate mount? Or what are you planning?

I'm gonna use a cheapo license plate bracket I bought at Pep Boys which will mount behind the bumper (but still on the bumper) and places the plate just above the bumper. You'll see what I mean once I get it mounted and snap a pic of it.

Here's a pic of it painted and mounted...not the greatest pic I know but the lighting was bad at the time I took the pic.

XplorerKid: I thought you'd get a kick out of the second pic...it's a bike I've put together over the years but still haven't quite finished it. It's a 60's era Huffy which was a rust bucket with 2 flats when I bought it. I had the frame sandblasted, and the only thing else that was original to the bike is the running gear seat posts and seat clamps and rear handle bars which was re-chromed along with everything else that is chrome on the bike. All other parts are reproduction pieces. The springer front end is off of a 50's era Roadmaster bike but I thought it looked way cool on this tandem.


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Nice work on the bumper!!!
Looks very nice!

Thankie Thankie...this was a pretty straight forward project for a begining welder like myself. I'm gonna take a stab at some rock sliders next, i'm going to use 1 3/4" round tubing along the rockers and 1 1/2" round tubing going up
from the rocker just behind the door and then back to the rear wheel well. That's so it will protect the lower part of the super cab from further damage.

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LOL thats a Cool bike!

is there any Pro's or Cons to making the Sliders outta Round Tubing than the normal Box?? I tihnk i seen a thread some where once on it... Maybe ill stop being lazy and go search...