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RangRayy's Elite Registry

I finally decided it was time to become "Elite." Here she is. My baby is a 1999 XLT 4dr 4x4. I bought her off my dad in '07, I couldnt pass up the deal I got as well. She had 99K on her and was my dads company car. Valued then at 6400 I stole her heart at 3200. :) Now shes sitting on 155K. Shes all stock minus the few mods I have started doing. We had a minor fender bender with my neighbor and she frowns a little bit in the front but she has to wait till i can give her a facelift and tuck. As for now we reside in Pleasant Hill Missouri, so she sees all the ellements mother nature has to offer, she sticks by myside and never threatens to leave me.

special thanks to:
Russ 99ex22.
If it wasnt for him i would have never found this site.
Gregg gmanpaint
Helped with many issues and answering my newbie questions
Jon Turdle a.k.a. JTSmith
Answered many of my newbie questions

2 Westin off road lamps 100W on roof rack
Warrior Shackles
31x10.50x15 Dunlop Radial MTs
15" American Racing wheels (jeep)
K&N Air FIlter
Magnaflow Dual in Dual out w/ 3 in" tips
DeeZee Grille guard (craigslist for $100 brand new!!!)
more to come....

in the beginning when she was stock with new lights added

Another shot...

then i got some 31s off craigslist for a decent price. also warrior shackles inst.


new DeeZee Grille Guard


Rear Shot



Facelift coming soon...

Hes been by myside the whole way

let me know what ya think or what you think i should do im open to everything.

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Nice truck! That's a really scenic background too :thumbsup:

thanks i live with my parents when school isnt in session and they are sitting on 108 acers. i looooove it!

nice x u got there ray keep up good work

Update just replaced all four of my factory ball joints thanks to Jon for allowing me to come down and help me out. Headed out today to give her a lil tune up and give her a fresh drink of oil.

well had an overheat problem sat afternoon. after going through all the emotions and cursing i calmed down and got the thermostat out. that fixed the temp gauge from going up. but at the same time it also didnt work anymore...

i was stranded at a tech college which a security guard helped me do some of the work. we got it pulled over to the water spickit and i noticed that there was green fluid all under my door. take a gander under the truck and then WHAM theres a leak somewhere... in the midst of everything its pouring down rain keep that in mind.

I franticly call Jon and we go through the possibilities and things get frustraiting bc he couldnt see what could be wrong just giving advice over the phone. well i went to Orielys and picked up a bottle of CarGyo Liquid Glass cooling system repair and man two bottles of that stuff sealed that leak up good. highlky recommended. Jons advice was that it couldve just been a blown headgasket but with not seeing he couldnt tell just going by the symptoms i was giving.

after that said and done took me from 5pm to midnight to get everything fianlly running again to where i could get the ole girl home. driving home the temp went up and as soon as i got on the highway bam temp went down but not to worry i made it home.

put the new thermostat in and now shes running like a champ.