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RAP Module Location


April 14, 2007
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Ramstein AB Germany
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07 XLT
OK I have read many posts stating that the location of the RAP module is located below the second row right hand seat belt mount. I tore the whole right side apart and I don't see it there. There is a connector that is not hooked up to anything. When I press the 7/8 and 9/0 buttons together the doors lock so that leads me to believe the module is somewhere in the vehicle. I live oversea's and don't have to option to take my Explorer to the dealership to get the key less entry code. My only hope lies with you folks to help me locate it. Someone please help. And as always thank you very much.:us:

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it is on the passenger side behind the rear side panel anterior to the amp and posterior to the seat belt. whats confusing is that on my merc the code printed on the module was only four digits, not five. i simply added a 0 befor the four digits when i punched in the code and it worked!:)

RAP Module

There is no box located there. There is a little 1 inch by 1 inch relay looking thing but I doubt that is the module. Do I possibly have to remove the amp and sub to see the module?

i only had to remove the panel not the amp or woofer. the small black box your refer to which has made in canada on it is to the left of the rap module as you face the panel. the rap module is also black approx 4x4x1 inches with a white sticker on it. just to the right of the rap module is silver box approx 4x6x1 that has made in china on it which i believe is the amp. to the right of the amp is the woofer.:exp:

I too have a '07 Explorer XLT (mfg date 3/07) and the RAP is NOT located behind the quarter panels. I just pulled off ALL of the panels behind the 2nd row seats and there are no modules behind either side.

I too would like to find the code for my RAP since the dealer lost the wallet card and I don't want to spend the $70 for the scan.

looking for the code

I just purchased an 06 limited and the wallet card in the owners manual is missing. I too pulled the right side pannel and found only the sub woofer amp ad sealt belt comtrol module. Just for grins i pulled the driver side also and it ain't there neither. The owners manual says the code is on the module but the ford jockey says "they quit putt-em stickers on'em somtime back" just bring it on by and for 39.95 + tax we can to pull it with the computer.

Well the mistery is, where's that little bugger at! I'm a OMC master tech i know where ll the hidden serial numbers, codes and what not are on an outboard motor. What we need is and ASE FORD guy that is willing to give up the mistery location of this device. The guys at the FORD store are tight lipped and in these days of lackluster sales are trying to ring the cash register every chance they get.

Well I went to the Ford dealer this morning and they confirmed the location and showed me in the parts breakdown on their PC that the RAP on later model Explorers is located under the dashboard behind the instrument cluster, and it is only accessible by removing the dashboard. I even asked if it could be seen if the cluster was removed and they said no because of how it was arranged in the dash.
Luckily this same dealer also offered to do the system scan for $35. Which is half what the first dealer quoted for the system scan and diagnostics. Unfortunately the tech who does the diagnostics will not be in till Monday or I would have had it done.

did my dealer lie, or were they un-knowledgeable?

Good news, did they say weather their was a sticker on it? lucky I'm hard headed and if it is behind the insturment cluster it should be reletively easy to pull and locate. I wouldn't have minded if the phone tech at my service dept. told me; yeah the sticker is on there, but FORD moved the module deep inside the dash and for x..$ we can save you the trouble, just bring it on by.

A simple call to FORD with the vin # they should have all that is required to retrive every serial numbered componet that was installed when it was built. In 1994 my sister moved and lost the keys to here 79 trans am, a quick call to PONITAC and proof of owner ship they sent the key codes for both the ignition and door keys to my local dealer.

thanks for reading, Steve:p:

The RAP module on my 06 EB was located behind the glove box behind the air bag. You can see it with the glove box out, but you can not see enough of it the see all of the 5 digit code, the passenger air bag has to come out to see the module and get the code. I removed the air bag and got my code, but if I had it to do over again, I would have paid the dealer to scan it for me.