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Raspberry Pi on Explorer Headrests


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August 26, 2014
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'11 Explorer Limited 4WD
So the other day I decided to try out my Raspberry Pi on my Explorer headrests to see how well it would work. Turns out it works out great!

The Raspberry Pi is running RecalBox, used to emulate classic video game consoles, and controlling it with a bluetooth dongle and 2 PS3 SIXAXIS controllers. For a composite connecting I am really impressed with the video quality.

The only downside/disappointment to this setup is that there is just no feasible way to hide the Pi and cables to give it a clean look. What I did instead was buy a shorter USB Mini to USB A cable, and I wrapped the composite cable around the Pi and stuck it underneath the headrest (not shown in the video, will need to update). I did some research to see if there was any RCA connectors on the junction box but that was a no go, unless someone has a better idea on making this look clean?

Gonna be a lot of fun during road trips! (As long as the wife wants to drive me around, haha)