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RATE (Run Across The East)


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December 24, 2003
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Winston Salem, NC
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Slravene and I were talking tonight abotu making it to the Attica run and came up with this great idea. We are going to try to pull together a 7 day even out of the Attica run.

Here is the plan we have so far.

Day 1: June 13 Wheel at Uwharrie Natl Forrest
Day 2: June 14 Drive to Oliver Springs, TN
Day 3: June 15 Wheel at Coal Creek (Windrock) ORV
Day 4: June 16 Drive to Attica, IN
Day 5: June 17 Wheel for 10th Anniversary Run
Day 6: June 18 Wheel for 10th Anniversary Run
Day 7: June 19 Drive our junk back to NC​
Lodging: If you buy your park pass at Coal Creek and Uwharrie you can camp on site to cut down on some of the expenses.

Food: Bring 20$ per day unless you eat heavy. Poptarts for breakfast and fast food for lunch and dinner.

We figure even if its just the two of us it will be a blast but we will open it up to anyone who wants to join us.

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this is gonna be sweet....

Pretty sweet idea i must say.

The two of us are fairly set on it. I am giving up on Moab for this run and i figur ethis will cost about half of what it will cost me to go to MOAB.

This is a great idea and sounds like a LOT of fun. I cannot commit at this time and won't know until next year if I could do this, but if possible I will make sure to do it. I am commiting to Moab and Attica and Crozet so to add another week of no work within all of that traveling may not be possible for me.

just let me know what you CAN do (when you know obviously) and we can work somethings out...That schedule is not set in stone yet; if we need to do it another way so that you can come along for at least some of the trip, then let me know and we will work hard to get as many involved as we can.

P.S. Ordered my Locker today ;) YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

then do 4 days and meet us in Coal Creek.

Think'n 'bout it

Still don't have a job yet so can't make any real plans but defidently sounds like a great trip.

Get a job and get on planning


Hire me!

so i was talkin in the badlands thread and i was lookin at meetin up at coal creek where is that at and ill think about comin up so it would be good to ride up with some people.

its in eastern TN...

Mapquest for Oakridge, TN any gas station in Oak Ridge can direct you to the ORV park.

I might meet up with ya'll at Uwharrie for the day, but not head out west. That would be a good "shake down" run before Crozet. I won't really know until I know where I'll be working over the summer, so I'll let you know.

sounds good to me... my main goal is to wheel as much as possible before i go solid next fall.

Ive been thiniin about this and I might meet up with yall in Oliver Springs, TN for coal creek and then go from there. Ive got a lot of stuff planned for the x, so pencil me in, Id really like to do something like this. It would be a long trip but I think Ive got enough time to plan this out.

its not big of a trip near 700 miles for those of us in NC doing URE to Oliver springs to Attica

yeah,but ill be coming from middle Georgia

Good point. Well i figure if you get 10mpg adn travel 700 miles one way the trip will come out to be around 75-$ if you include food and gas is at 3$ per gallon.

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Thats a good way to put it. Plus it will be a lot of fun, assuming I dont break anything and its a good excuse not to take summer school.