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Rate your exhaust system

February 1, 2000
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I've seen alot of interest and questions about exhaust system components. I know I just did mine on a 4.0L SOHCSport and it didn't turn out that great. But, hey, I still have a sense of humor. I'm interested in how the rest of your systems turned out. ...So I proposed this rating system (the rg ratings)_
Let us know what your exhaust components were and how you rate the results from 1 to 10 as sited below:

1 = Sounds like imported 4 banger
through Folgers can.

2 = Stock Explorer exhaust sound. (This is 2 because you'll wish you had
this back if you end up with # 1).

3 = Sounds good, but only if you are
standing behind it checking the

4 = Sounds good..till you stomp it and a bull moose lets go with mating call.

5 = Getting there..Start up nice, nice mellow roar when you stomp it, but still Foler's time at medium RPMs.

6 = Good sound..and you can talk to
a friend while accelerating.

7 = Great sound

8 = GREAT sound

9 = Go to the store and check the mail alot just hear it.

10 = This is equal to a 5.0L with racing cam and dual pipes..(impossible for us, but we needed a 10).

I barely made a 5 with my Magnaflow, 2.5" outlet pipe and resonator. So lets here it, I'll re-do my exhaust with the best rating stuff. rg

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Robert ,

The problem with a survey like this is that it's subjective. That is to say, what I like, you may not. It thinks my exhaust sounds great and would rate it a 10 because it is exactly how I want it to sound. But, in the same breath, it doesn't sound like a Mustang 5.0 race car. I think loud is not necessarily good. I think the key is to find the right balance between the decibels, how deep the rumble and how realistic the sound.

So, on your scale I would rate my exhaust a 6
On my scale I would rate it a 10

I have a Magnaflow muffler with dual outs and a custom 2" dual exhaust with 3" chrome tips. Dead Link Removed

Rock'n 97 Sport 4X4

9.5, is the 91 explorer 4x4 a 4.0 or a 5.5 L? just kindding lol


I have a flomaster, but i have no idea what series it is, but ill be sure to check, i want the loudest one. anyway, i picked mine up for 75 bucks, not too bad.

8 (have to turn the radio up to talk)

Tony 91 Sport

i just had a flowmaster series 40 installed today on my 99 ohv sport.......single in/dual outlet with 2.25 pipes back out to 3 inch chrome tips....looks killer....and it sounds great too....sound is like a v8 rumble....i love it....sounds deepest around 2500-3000 rpm.....guy said it was a real hard job to do because of the cleareance problems with my spare tire and other things..but he managed to route it all around....set me back $325....id rate it about a 7-7.5.....i wanted 2.5 inch piping after the muffler, but it couldnt be squeezed down in to the tight quarters...

jonathon.....99 ohv sport....flomaster 40...k&n.

We've got a Borla cat-back system that's pretty cool. Definitely not as good as the rumble you can get out of a V8 but much better than stock. And lot's of fun to romp on at stop lights and watch people try to figure out where it's coming from! A buggered-up throttle position sensor gives it a loping idle when it's warm that sounds alot like a street rod but that's not gonna last much longer because the sensor has got to be replaced (getting harder to keep it running). But, like Cameron said, this is a pretty subjective survey. I think it sounds like at least a nine, close to ten, because that's what I wanted it to sound like. On your scale, probably a 6 or 7.
Good luck!

Rick & Cheryl J.
'94 XLT 4x4
Custom 2" lift, Rancho 5000s
Borla exhaust, over-size sway bars
More to come!

My 92 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer with a
Dynomax Super Turbo cat-back system.
also just added Bosh +4 plugs
and I'd give it a 7


I have the Dynomax Super Turbo, and i would definitely say a 6, i LOVE to just start it, it has the most LOVELY purr when i start it up.
FYI, in my opinion, the best sounding exhaust was the '67 BOSS 302 i had in my previous car, that thing GROWLED, i would stand on it just to hear it, but EVERYONE yelled at me, thinkin' just cause it sounded like i was goin fast that i was!, That thing definitely had a 10 though, excellent purr, sweet ass driving tone, and sounded like a Viper-Killer at full throttle, if only i had thought to take its engine, and put it in my Explorer! Now that would have been a set up!!!

'94 XLT - 30" BFG AT's
Dynamax Exhaust
K&N Air Filter
Modified Air Box
"Ignorance can be fixed, Jeeps are crap forever."

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I've got a Borla cat-back system on my 99
5.0 V8. It sounds great but a little pricey.
The dual tips look cool and I'm always turning heads. I would say 9 on my list and maybe an 8 on yours. I'm very happy with them.


1999 Explorer
V8 5.0
Borla cat-back
K&N air filter, Jet Chip

I put in a 2.5" Flowmaster two chambered muffler, with max flow converters, and a 3" pipe. With the body lift it fits high enough out of the way only set me back $165 for parts, stock muffler was beat to a pulp.Sounds great, on the scale I would rate it a 7.5-8, actually have to turn the alpine up a few turns when I stomp on it. Definitly turns heads. Dead Link Removed:p

1994 Xploder XLT 4X4 full of fun + power

I'd have to go with roughly a 9 or so. I've got a flowmaster cat-back, borla headers, a, um, modified (yeah, that's it) cat, and several other bolt-ons on my 91EB.


just as a sudgestion, use a K&N or KKM conical filter and you should notice a significant sound differance, especially at higher throttle.


I have the DynoMax 2.25" cat back system and I would rate it about a 5. Not too loud, but it is definitely louder than the stock exhaust. I am getting a KKM filter for it next week which should make it a little louder. Dead Link Removed

Happy Trails!
'93 XLT
4" Superlift (suspension)
3" Performance Acccessories (body)
31x10.50 BFG All Terrains (Till next week)
Dyno Max cat back exhaust
Rancho 5000 shocks
Poly bushing kit (front and rear)
More to come!

I'd give mine a 6. I've got a Borla. Not as loud as I'd like it. I've had about 5 people ask if I had a V8 in it. I wish it would make more of a popping sound like the Winston Cup cars, but I geuss that what you get with emmisions regulations. Just a thought, anybody have or have an idea for a side exhaust?

If anybody cares I have 3.5" pipe with a Dr. Gas X-pipe and 1 chamber flowmasters with turndowns after the mufflers on my 67'.

Suprisingly enough it isn't real loud! You can feel it beating on your chest standing next to it, but it isn't that loud. If you are standing in front of the car the whine of the blower actually drowns out the exhaust.

As a general rule of thumb the bigger the pipe dia. the lower the tone and less "cackle", but the number and sharpness of bends can also increase the pitch.

Rick Reynolds

91' Navajo - Stock.....not for long
67' Mustang - 25 psi Procharger, etc......
95' Integra - Hey, It's the wife's and I married into it. ;-)

OK, well I'm finally up to 7 on on the scale I made up. The problem was the 2.5" pipe coming out. It originally howled (not a deep, mellow howl, a crappy drone-type howl). So then I put a 14" resonator in-line. Then it sounded so quite it was like stock. So in one last effort to save the Magnaflow I originally put on, I re-did the exit pipe in 2.25", no resonator. It actually sounds pretty good. I still would like to hear 2 flowmasters dualed out all the way, but that would be buying 3 performance mufflers (counting my magnaflow),
so I'm ready to move on to some other tweaks.
Thanks for all the fun inputs.
2000 Sport 4.0L SOHC
K&N/mod air box

I give my Dynomax 2 1/4 on the Explorer about a 6, it sounds good, a little throatier than stock and not too loud. I wonder how the 3.8L will sound through the same exhaust.

I give the old Mustang is a solid 9. Even through the cats and stock Ford mufflers there is no mistaking the lope of the cam and the roar of the 4bbl. Dead Link Removed Every time I think of selling the car, something comes up and I have to fire it up to move it. Then as soon as I do that I think to myself, na... I will keep it a while longer. Dead Link Removed

Paul Gagnon
Calgary, Alberta
"No Brain, No Pain"
Dead Link Removed

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I recently added a Magnaflow Dual 2.5" In, and 3" out. The shop ran a 3" pipe to the back with a dual 3" slanted chrome tip out the rear right. If you have a v8 explorer, this is the muffler to buy. I have had nothing but compliments. It sounds like an old chriscraft when idling and exactly like my friends Mustang Cobra. Power is up, the torque gain is even better. My gas computer indicates a 3mpg gain. If you want an exhaust with true power, and a clean throaty sound, this is it. Installed by local shop, $325+tax.

10 out of 10 - Never heard better yet

96' Eddie Bauer v8
30x9.5 Pathfinders
K&N Filter with mod intake box
Magnaflow Turbo 2x2.5" IN 3" OUT
Kenwood x-911 Excelon, Sony&Kicker amps, 3-10"
Optima Deep-Cycle
Fun, Fun, Fun.....

96' Eddie Bauer v8/awd

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Mine has to rate between a 9.5 and a 10!!!
Magnaflow part number 15421 dual 2.5" in, single 3" out with a 3" mandrel bent tailpipe exiting in the stock location... No resonator! Muffler with hangars that bolted right in to the stock location: $147.00 WITH shipping! Tailpipe: $65.00 WITH installation! Total: $212.00
Performance increase was pleasing and the sound is great! Motorsports headers finished it off and the response is wonderful! Next is a supercharger!

1997 E.B. V8 AWD Explorer
Motorsports headers
Magnaflow Dual 2.5" in 3" out
3" Tailpipe with NO resonator
cat back exhaust
K&N Filter
opened air box inlet
3.73 gears