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Rattling Windows - drive and passenger


March 12, 2008
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Guelph, Ontario Canada
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2000 XLT
So guys, I have a 2000 EX 4 door.
For a long while i've noticed that both front windows rattle slightly when i hit bumps and stuff. Just ever so much to be really annoying.
I found that if i lower them a bit it goes away most of time. Sometimes have to play with them up and down a bit to find the right spot.
Oh year they are Power windows.

I've never pulled the door panels off. Can any one tell me how to do this? Pics would be great to, i like the visual.
Then what am I looking for on the inside???

Any help is great,


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I'm having the same problem on my 2000 X, If you'd like I can take some pictures of the door panel removal and repair. I've been planning to fix it for awhile now, I've just been lazy I guess you'd say.

hey ... don´t mean to hijack your post... but i will also appreciate pics (or even just a slight description) of the fix, i´ve taken the panels out more than once, but this window rattle just begun in mine, and dont know if i must reglue the glass to the rail, or just tighten the nuts and bolts of the elevating system. thanks.

I don't know for sure I'll have time tonight, I'll do my best, but for sure by tomorrow. The noise I hear sounds like glass hitting metal, is that how yours also sounds? I believe its an easy fix but I need to take mine apart to be sure.

Rolla, that'd be awesome if you could take pics and let me know how it goes.
Sounds like the same problem. Sounds like the glass is hitting against the metal frame that is sits in, inside the door.

Thanks man.

i got the same problem 01 sport

Ok guys, I've pulled mine apart and found that my door lock rods connecting to the outside door lock and door lock actuator were damaged and hitting the glass. I tried bending them but was fairly unsuccessful. I am going to buy new door lock rods and see if that will fix the problem. I probably won't be able to get those today.

I have pictures of the complete door panel removal and pictures of what I believe my problem to be that I will be uploading when I finish a few other things I have to do today on another car. Taking the door panel off is very easy and after my pictures and instructions, if our problems are different, you could post pictures of the inside of your door and I may be able to help diagnose the problem. I'm glad to help if I can, I've gotten a lot of information from this forum, it's time to give some back.

Ok, here are the pictures of the door panel removal. I'm sorry the quality wasn't the greatest, I did this mid day and had A LOT going on today and didn't realize my camera was on the wrong setting until it was pretty much too late. I'll try to take better ones tomorrow when I remove the passenger side.

Here is what I started out with


Here are the ONLY 2 screws holding the door panel on, they are a regular phillips head style screw, remove these first.


Next use a fairly thin blade flat screw driver and starting where pictured, easily pry the door handle surround out. I had to pry the back a little to pop it out and the top then I was able to gently remove it by hand


Next unscrew the plastic cap on the door lock


Next, starting at the lower rear of the panel, as pictured, easily grab the panel and try to slide your hand in behind it. You may hear a plastic popping sound, it is just the plastic clips holding the panel on coming loose.


Now move to the lower front of the door panel and repeat the last step

Slowly work your way up both the sides of the door panel equally. Each time you slide your hand in you should hear another pop as the door panel comes loose.


Once you have made it about level with the speaker cover stop pulling forward, all the clips on the door panel should be loose and from there you should be able to lift it straight up as pictured until the last hook in the front and the door lock rod clear


My Explorer has power mirrors, the plug is easy to remove, slide something in it as pictured and slide it off or just easily pull it off.


The Factory door pull handle and window switches just slide through the back of the panel and this is what you are left with


Start at the corner and carefully peel the insulation material back, don't damage it too much, if it tears you can tape it, no one sees it back there, mine came off intact, yours may not


Here was my problem, the rod for the door lock actuator(center) was bent and had fallen off. I tried to bend it back but I can't see it happening, I don't even really know how it happened.


I hope these pictures help you, to install just reverse the steps. Oh BTW be careful as plastic is very easy to break.

Oh and I can't be held responsible for any damages that may be caused from using this advice :D

If you guys need any more help, have questions, or need some more pictures feel free to ask.

I hope these pictures help you, to install just reverse the steps. Oh BTW be careful as plastic is very easy to break.

Oh and I can't be held responsible for any damages that may be caused from using this advice :D

If you guys need any more help, have questions, or need some more pictures feel free to ask.

BRILLIANT reply. It needs sticky treatment. :thumbsup:

Excellent post Rolla. Thanks so much. I plan on doing it this weekend and these pictures and description will be so helpful!


No problem at all guys, I'm glad to help.

I'm also having a problem with the passenger door not unlocking, I'll take pictures of the door panel removal on that side also and hopefully they will turn out more clear.

do you think someone used a slim jim and bent the rod??