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Rausch Creek, PA Run, December 6th.

SunBum Again..


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Jeff driving Karol's truck into the "tank trap"


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Karol on some rocks.


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Zuki in the mud


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Fishtank poser shot..


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Sunbum "custom modifying" his rocker covers.


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Karol making it look easy.


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Ben (Blee) getting out of the mud


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Here fishy fishy fishy....


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Just got back, actually I made a few detours. First detour was to clean some of the dirt from my windows and mirrors. Talk about 0 visability. The second stop of course was to the neighboorhood watering hole. Here's some pics. I'll post the videos as soon as I get a chance




Anyone seen my tupperware?

One of the few pics I actually took of my own junk.. :)


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All the Explorers............................ and the sammy......



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Blee climbin a hill


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Sunbum makin his way up..


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Originally posted by JDraper
We got home around 8:15. We got stuck in traffic on 81 behind a couple of accidents....Brian, hope you made it through there ok.

We had a great time. I'm still shocked that SAMMY CAN STRAP AN EXPLORER OUT :D :D :D. I'll post our pix later. Rachel wants to know when we can go again.

I can testify on the abilities of Sammy being able to pull out an Explorer. :D 2200 lb Sammy vs a 4000 lb X and the sammy did it.

This is a little off topic but does anyone remeber how to use Apache Server? I can't for the life of me remember how to configure one so I can publish some of the videos from today on here. I think all in all, this place was nice. A few obstacles beat me like the rocks and a few other places but then again I'm only stock with a set of crappy 235.

Anyone hear from Sunbum yet??

Getting kinda concerned .... he should have been home by now ....


Aw man, I had a fantastic time- I'm really lovin' Roush Creek! Can't wait to go back again, hopefully with a radio and without the tapping from my engine bay next time :rolleyes: Thanks for all the help whenever I got stuck, guys *refrains from saying anything about straps, since Jeff can't get his mind out of the gutter!* I'm really happy Tank did as well as I'd hoped and had no breakage at all :)

Nice to meet my fellow Marylander Ben and watch him going banzai on the rocks: and Brian, Mr. "Let me go get my camera if you're gonna spray white stuff all over her face" Sunbum is a riot to hang out with :D Awesome to laugh with Karol and the kids again and of course Jeff, Susan and Rachel, without whom no run is complete :) Thanks for the 50 gazillion candlepower "Fish"light, Fug, you pain in my rear ;) I'll try to stop blinding you with it....

Cool pics guys, keep 'em coming! When's the next run??? lol

Anyone heard from Brian.. I don't have his nextel private Id #.

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Hopefully next time we go, someone doesn't lock their keys inside. J/K honest mistake.