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RCD RANGER 4" coilover kit for "4x4" !!

The front Jeep Liberty IFS offers 8.5 inches of travel, 4.5 up, and 4 down. On a side note, the new '03 Expedition IRS has 9".


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I'm with you guys!!!! Screw the TT/WAR 153s...I'll start saving now!
Has any one checked out the Feb issue of Off Road???
They have an article about having a long travel suspension built by The Baja Shop for their 2001 Sport Track! I think 14" of travel...It looks to be 2 wheel drive.
They also had custom front fenders and bed flairs made...I hope all this good stuff goes into production some day!

Forget about the Off-Road story about the 2001 Sport Trac. They kind of fail to mention that they converted the Sport Trac to a 2 wheel drive truck.

Hopefuly the body panels will go into production!
Too bad they made it 2 wheel drive!

yes the glass did look good. from what i heard that truck had 35s but 2wd . wonder if they can make those same style fenders for 95+. Id rather do glass than BL.
anything new on this kit?

still waiting on tax return. hope I end up with cash ...

From Kenneth Yoder at RCD-

Hello Curtis:

We are developing a system for the Ranger. It should be available by mid 2002.

We are focusing our development on the Ranger. Once we have the system developed and launched for the Ranger we will then fit check the system to determine if it fits an Explorer.

Thank you for your interest in RCD.

its the same 5.5" lift

Hey dude,

only thing that wont fit is the rear shocks and rear blocks that the ranger kit will offer. 98+ rangers front ends are the same as explorers.

5.5" spring over axle on a explorers rear is only $16 to $124 for the perches. use stock length shocks since the spring and shock mounts are just being relocated.

easy.... exchange the ranger shocks for regular explorer HD bilstiens or whatever and get new spring perches/shock mounts welded on.

waiting for my tax return....... ;)

Mid 2002

So that means the March release date has been pushed out. Next it will be late 2002.

when welding to the axle.. do you need to take it apart or anything in order to not heat up the inside? i guess you could just tach it on real quick. what about welding the new perch to the existing one in some form? if you've got a welder.. you can probably make a block to do that.

Yep, release date has been pushed back. I'll call my contact this week and see what the latest is. Last I heard they were waiting for shocks. The jigs had already been built and the brackets were in production as of a month ago.


Desert Spive, this is very close to what I emailed you but I've added some after reading the forum that I didn't think to include. Read this one too cause it's not just a cut and paste.

Also, to everyone else, sorry this is so long. It should give you alot of info. Let me preface this by saying that I'm letting you guys know what I know as to the best of my knowledge. I'm just the production engineer, the owner and my boss have all the info as to dates, prices, and final say as to when it's up to par and ready to realease.

Sorry I've been so quite, dial up connection kinda killed my time spent online. I got a email from DesertSpive which prompted me to read up on the thread. I'm still at RCD and things are going great. What's the rumor about RCD going bankrupt, guess I'll have to get on there and read the thread. I havn't heard anything about that. I do know that we're working as hard as we can to keep up with demand of our kits and somtimes that's hard. Don't judge us on that though, our product is well worth the rate and I'll give you an idea of how fast we're pumping stuff out and if you think about it that'll also show you how in demand our product is. Our marketing department is pushing us as hard as they can to get the stuff out as fast as we can. Fortunately we've recently got a 3rd CNC Plasma machine that I write the programs for up and running so our production has increased again. These machines are cutting plate at 100 inches/minute and litterally that is whats holding us back. As fast as we can get the stuff cut out (approsimately 300"/min), it's punched, formed, welded, and powder coated.

As far as the Ranger kit goes I think it's pretty close to production. Let me give you a little back ground as to what leads up to it and then I'll let you know exactly what I know about it.

We have a shop up in Long Beach with two RCD employees that fab the prototype kits. They give me the prototype and I'm responsible for producing the autocad drawings, programming the Plasma programs, and organizing all the info so that I can give the manufacturing floor a packet of info with everything they need to produce the kits. At this same time we have our fixture guy getting the jigs made up and our writer is working with marketing and the 2 guys up in LB to get the instructions produced. After I get my stuff finished and the jugs are ready we usually build around 10 kits the first time around to test fit and make sure I drew and programmed everything right and to make sure our manufacturing floor and jigs are producing them correctly. Once those have been test fitted on vehicles and checked out okay we start pumping them out as fast as we can. You have to realize though that we have a lot of different kits with high demand so we build them in whatever order marketing basically tells us the demand is highest. Our web page isn't even close to listing all the vehicles that we build lifts for not to mention the misc. light bars, trac bars, and dual shock kits.

As for the Ranger Kit, I finished all of the drawings and plasma programs about 2 weeks ago. I've got the hardware kits (nuts and bolts) organized and baiscally need to just finalize and triple or quadruple check everything. Unfortunately I've been sidetracked with other misc. small kits that got tossed in the middle. Also the last time I talked with the prototype guys they mentioned that they might not be using the big hoops that support the upper shock bucket that the coilover bolts into. They said they're working on something a little smaller and simpler. I have to wait until I get a final decision on what they want to do and approval from the boss. The prototype guys are supposed to be in tomorrow so I'm going to drill them to finalize the design so I can wrap it up, have my boss and the owner check everything and get the first run going. Also awhile back I over heard a conversation about Bilstein not haveing the valving completely dialed in. Our fixtures for all the major parts are done and the fixture guy should be done with a couple small parts that were redesigned and the fixtures needed redone.

As far as the torsion kit goes, I know nothing about it yet. If the torsions vs coilovers thing works with this kit like it has for other vehicles I have experience with I can say that the coil overs will blow away the torsion setup. I've got experience with two Toyota running coilovers. One was an older 4WD toyota that came stock with torsions. He put on a total chaos kit that runs wider A-Arms and he built a upper shock hoop and is running 14" sway-a-way coilovers. His truck isn't 4WD anymore because the shocks woun't allow the axle in there anymore. That thing handles like a Porshe on the highway now and kicks ass at the highspeed stuff. I havn't riden in it slow so it's hard to tell how it flexs with out hauling ass. The other truck that I know of is one that I did for a chick I know. She has a 4WD Toyota Tacoma. I replaced the front shocks and coil with direct bolt in coil over that Sway-A-Way makes. I also put on a custom set of Deaver Leafs in the rear and am running 12" travel Bilstein 5100's in the rear. This truck is VERY ADAPTABLE. These coilover ,like the Bilsteins that will be with the RCD kit, are charged with Nitrogen. This makes them adjustable with gas as well as the adjusting nut. On her truck I put enough preload on the shock to lift it about 1.5". For normal driving and mild high speed off road I run around 200PSI in her shocks. If we're going jumping I'll bump it up to about 250PSI which adds about .5 inches to the ride height and makes it much stiffer. For the trails around Truckhaven I run her shocks around 150PSI which allows them to cycle and flex pretty easy. She didn't want much height so that's a little different but the same effects should be found with our kit. I'm sure you could also run the preload nuts a little softer and bump up the PSI. I'm not sure what the max is for them though. We've never ran more then 250PSI in our race truck's Bilsteins so that's the most I do in her truck.

Well guys, I hope this has answered some of your questions and maybe gave you a little more of an update. Feel free to email me, and I'll get back to you. If I don't know the answer I'll ask at work and get back to you ASAP.

Khris, do you have an e-mail address for the boss at RCD? I want him to see something.

Paul had a blow out at 80 MPH on the freeway. 4" gash in the sidewall and he just pulled it off the road and stopped. That was on 35" tires.

So much for RCDs theory about lifted Explorers rolling...


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Started out as a little cut through the rubber and ended up ripping open at 80MPH. Paul corrected me. I thought he said 60, but it was 80.

dont see whats so hard about marketing it for explorers. superlift and trailmaster do it..... i mean all ya gotta do is make a cheap SOA kit or offer lifted rear springs and the right shock. but for me umm just keep it under $2k :D


RCD can use my Explorer to testfit one of their coilover kits any day! :)

Originally posted by Ray Lobato
Well seeing as that I don't use my Explorer as a daily driver, they (RCD) could use my truck to experiment on. I would be willing to do this to help my fellow Explorer owners out.

My offer still stands. :D

Yeah, I know I wouldn't have a problem finding a test vehicle, that's for sure. As far as the email goes, I think we are the most lagging company in the world when it comes to computers and stuff. I surprised I'm not drawing on the table with pencils. Shoot emails to whatever the address is on the webpage, I don't know it off hand.

Okay, now for some bad news. After the long as message it prompted me to push and find out what's the deal with the kit and when we'll be able to get it on the production floor. Like I said above (I think) the main fab guy was in and I was working with him on a bunch of other kits that we are also developing, mostly dual shock kits for current lifts that we have and finalizing a lift for Dodge full size trucks. After that I asked what the deal was on the Ranger and if they had come to a decision about the hoop. He went and talked with the owner and they decided we're going to bail the hoop and use a multi piece brace setup that we have. Actually if I remember right it's on the truck that you guys posted pictures of. They are the arms bolted on to the upper shock tower and attaching to the frame. They believ these will be strong enough and eleviate (sp?) the need for the hoop. (I'll look at the pictures and post again if they are on it to show you guys what I'm talking about, I'm not sure if they were on it when those were taken.) No problem right? We've already made a set and all I have to do is draw them up and program the plasma right? WRONG, the ones we currently have on that truck don't allow room for a spanner wrench to fit in for shock adjustment. No problem have the guy reengineer them, maybe 2 days work max, then half a day for me and were rolling right? WRONG AGAIN!! That truck actually belongs to Bilstein. It the truck that they cruise around in and do on sight valving and testing with race teams and customers. It's also their main show truck right now. We would only need the stupid thing for a couple days max but they've got it booked work solid for next month or two. Basically what I'm saying is that once we can actually get our hands on that truck we'll be in buisness and producing those kits soon after. Yeah, I know you all have a ride that we could tweak on but unfortunately I don't make those decisions. If it was up to me we'd be marketing it to Exporers, and in small print say, BTW it works on Rangers too. I'll talk to the main marketing guy and see what's up with the Explorer marketing thing. The guy I talked to a while back wasn't the head dude. So anyways, email me when you guys get anxious for more info and I'll see what I can dig up.

Okay, I looked at the pictures and the pieces I'm talking about aren't on there, they must have been added after the Expo those were taken at.

Also, I don't really know what to say about our timline. I'm actually kinda frustrated that we can't get this kit out sooner. I'm absolutely serious when I say that we are very close to being ready to build the first limited run for fit testing which is followed up usually by minor changes and then full blown production. We are absolutely SLAMMED with work but I would guess that from the time that we get the truck in our hands it could be less then a month before we start shipping. After I get caught up with some of the smaller kits that I've been working on I'll be triple checking my drawings, programs, and hardware packs so that all I have to do is toss in these extra 4 pieces and it'll be ready. I don't know if you remeber but read back to my post just after my interview where I say that they won't release a kit till they are 100% satisfied with it. That is exactly what is going on with this one but now we have a wait thrown in with it too. I guarantee that you guys will be happy with our product.

And, if you want, you can partially blame me for this wait since the race team I'm involved with has that Bilstein truck scheduled to go to the deseert with us to do some testing and valve our shocks. HEHE!!

Okay, now I'll end with a sales pitch, if any of you have full size 1500 or 2500 4WD Dodges with the solid front axle and want a lift. Check out ours!! IT'S SICK!!!! I sware it'll be shipping soon and we're currently looking for a 2500 to fit test, hint hint, and then we'll be producing them.

Dude just take Rays offer and tell your boss. ;) if they really want to get another kit on the market soon theyll take it up. or wait around for some show rig to show up. you say your products are wicked. yea they look cool. but its no good sitting here looking at pics from some show and dreaming about what we wanna blow our tax returns on heh. now lets get this lift on some explorers as well as rangers. until then ill keep saving $ :D

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From the inside I'm still curious whose brilliant Idea it was to let the public know about it and display it at the show. They should have known that this was one of their most involved developments and therefore should not release it to public till they can actually guarantee a release date. That's hard to do though seeing as how magazines are usually months away from press at the time info is conveyed to them.