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RE 12" x.. or 12" Magnum D2


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December 4, 2002
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'96 FZJ-80
Which would you get, if box space isnt a big issue? You can get two Magnums or one RE x.., and you have an Audiobahn A2200HC to power whatever. Thats about 1600w rms x 1 @ 1 ohm. SPL Isn't that big of a deal, as both subs will probably overpower any HU without amping the front speakers...

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Ive heard only good things about the x.., but have not heard anything about the Magnum. But then again I havnt done any car audio research in a few months...

Call me biased (I have 3 x..- 15's) but the x..'s are just phenomenal subs for the price. a Single 12 x.. should get loud and sound very tight as well.

if you want smooth sq go with the x.., but the 2 magnums should give you more spl (more cone area) but I am not familiar with the magnums?


i am familiar with both subs, and have seen them compete, plus I've owned an 18" x.. myself.

I would say the x.. for a few reasons:

1. showoff: one sub being louder than the other guy's two 12"s makes you look cooler

2. lowend: the XXXs may be SPL subs but coupled with the xmax of 68mm total p-p movement you can get a lot of lowend (but the magnums could possibly compete...)

3. two magnums: 500 watts each - they don't want much more power, you have too much. unless you are competing.

4. 12" x.. - 1600 watts my ass! these subs laugh at 1600 watts, and beg for more. definately power hungry and will more than likely sound better.

5. xbl^2 technology - much better sounding bass, even with an 18" x.. ported in an 8 cu ft box tuned to 33Hz rivaled my 15" brahma sealed in a 2.5 cubic foot box in SQ. xbl^2 is simple, but amazing technology, you WILL notice the difference with it, you WILL think "this kid has mushy sounding subs" when listening to other systems.

6. smaller box capabilities (but I strongly suggest NOT sealing this sub, the output will be stopped far below 140dB if you seal it.)

if you get the x.., I suggest a big 4 cubic foot box tuned to 38Hz with about 70 sq inches of port. if you get the magnums, I'd suggest 1.2 cubic ft sealed per sub.

the x.. is definately a sub that won't break from abuse easily.

My 15xxx box is 4 cubes with 70 square inches or port tuned to 35 :D

I suggest the x...

Plus, the Magnums are on indefinate backorder... but I don't think he cares about my opinions, I think his heart is set on two Magnums in a ported box...
He isn't even a big basshead, he complains about his two 12W0s hurting his ears in a sealed box... so I refuse to believe that two D2s are not going to overwhelm him, much less a 12" x...

Either way, I don't think he realizes how much better these subs are than the mainstream crap he is used to, and he is underestimating them... :eek:

ive heard of x..'s but ive never seen them for sale anywhere. about how much do they cost like 10 or 12 or 15.