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Re-charging '01 ST with freon


June 18, 2008
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2001 Sport Trac
Anyone have any experience with charging your vehicle with freon? I'm using R-134A Sub-Zero.

My gauge on the can read 0% when I first began, it only went up to
around 40-45% when I shut it off; however, no cold air.

I connected the gauge back up to the low-side and it then read it was in the red zone (70%)... I'm guessing I over charged now and will need to bring it in somewhere?

I've let it bleed out back to 40 PSI, but still no cold air. The gauge will reach around 40 (with compressor ON and OFF) but then the compressor CLICKS and it kicks it back to 10%, then head back up to 40 and then repeat..

Thanks in advance.