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January 25, 2000
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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93 Sport, 92 EB
I think I have 3.73's now, what is involved in goin to 4.11 or 4.56, in terms of parts etc. and average cost?

Just went to 31 10.5 15's and am feelin a little slow these days....

93 Sport 4X4, 150k Mi, Llumar Metallic Tinted Windows, GTS Taillight Covers, Sony CD and Boston Acoustics drivers
Bosch +4's. Modified Airbox, Allied 8.5mm wires (Splitfire wires on order) 31x10.5's

You can find out exactly what gears you have by looking at the tag that should be attached to one of the bolts on the diff.
I had 3L73's and had them changed to 4.56 both front and rear. I'm currently on 31x10.50 and could have gone to 4.10 but I plan on getting a set of 33x12.50 as soon as my 31's wear out. The parts and labor cost me about $1350.00 at West Coast Differential. Their price will soon be going up because the labor needs to be changed to show the time for removing the drivers side Radius Arm to get to the bolts on the front diff.
But it definetly made a huge difference on hauling my family and our camping supplies up in to the Sierra Nevada.

If you haven't made any mods you might want to think about a high flow cat back exhaust and drop in filter. This shouldn't cost more than $200-$300 and give you a little more power for moving the bigger tires. You can also do this at home with some simple hand tools.


DITTO, on what FMNavajo said.
and also try some bosch plat 4's with split fire twin cores wires. that should help out just a lil more, and with the drop in air filter( K&N ofcourse), modify your air box too. do a search on the air box mod.

1991 Eddie Bauer 4x4
K&N drop in filter, Modified air box.
3" lift 31x10.50's
Dunlop R/V's.
Sway bar quick disconects disc.