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Re-introduction from MN!


May 13, 2012
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Twin Cities, Minne"snow"ta
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'94 Explorer Sport "Dora"

It's been a while guys. How's it going? I'm Mike, and I've had enough of lurking around the dark corners of the forums without posting anything. I've got a 94 Sport lovingly and jokingly titled "Dora". My original plan of keeping it stock and clean, worth as much as possible for resale later, went out the window a while ago, so here I am! I have no idea how far this whole thing will go, but consider me interested for the time being.

If anyone cares, I'm from the Twin Cities area of MN, which seems HIGHLY under-represented on this forum. I'm fairly active in the car scene meetups locally, so if anyone attends those, gimme' a shout!

Anyways, pics in a bit (If I actually get around to posting them...)

(Oh look, I got around to it.)


Nice looking Sport:chug:

You might as well build your Ex the way you want since even in pristine shape a first gen is only worth so much...

Thanks man!

Step one right now is to fix my traction problems. Manual hubs are on the way from Summit; I managed to destroy the autos last winter. :D Then we move on to doing something about those open diffs. Should be a fun summer!

Welcome aboard!! :salute: