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REALLY bad gas mileage

Hey Guys & Gals- I just checked out which listed some pretty impressive prices on replacement parts for Explorers. I found either a Borg & Warner (#21861) fuel pressure regulator for $72.98 or a Motorcraft (#CM4685) fuel pressure regulator for $97.79. These were for a '91 Explorer. Check them out for other parts and prices. Hope this helps.

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Alright guy...after all this talk about the Regulator.....and the symptoms ive had with my explorer..Ive decided to replace mine too.

but one question....where is the Regulator located and is it that hard to replace.

please let me know

You gotta be kidding....

I just bought my 94 and have had other sensor related issues.....

I have just gotten toward the bottom of the frist tank of gas I have put in....about 189 miles and its just at about 1/4tank,,,,,

AM I supposed to be getting more!?

If so, my question is the does one change the regulator........?!?!

( I hate to ask, but what am I gonna find out next!?)

Ryan-If your Explorer is a '91-'94, it should be on the passenger's side at the top of the engine. If you remove the heat sheild from the top of the engine you should be able to see it. Its not a hard part to replace. Just follow the instructions in the service manual if you have one. If you don't I would highly recommend getting one. It doesn't cost that much. You could replace it within forty-five minutes or less.
David-as for gas mileage, there are so many variables. Gearing, tire size, highway vs city driving, driving styles, etc. I have a '91 with 5spd, 3.73 gearing and 31s. I do more highway driving than city and since I leave for work when its still dark, I run the air only while going home. I get about 300mpg on 3/4 tank of fuel. And since I haven't corrected my speedometer or odometer, I know I'm doing even better than that. But its still hard to say what is acceptable since there are some people that run the air and get more than I do. It might be that you'll just need to do a complete tune-up. Plugs, plug wires, clean the MAS sensor and throttle body and get a K&N air filter if you don't already have one. Just remember to reset your onboard computer by disconnecting your negative battery cable and reconnecting it after the changes. Hope this helps.

See if these symptomes are what you are getting. Engine light coming on while driving, very poor acceleration, about 1/2 or less gas mileage. Shops tried and failed by running a computer check, finding the o2 sensor, crankshaft sensor, ignition coil at different times to be out. If this is the case, most likely it is your Fuel injector pressure regulator. I had the same problem last winter with my 91 explorer. Right after changing it, light went off and the power came back, only takes about 15 minutes to replace yourself

I just found this wonderful site. I have a '93 4dr, xlt, 4.0.. I am glad to see that others have the same yucky fuel mileage as I.
I can not wait to try the fuel regulator solution. I get 13.8 mpg city/highway until I set the cruise at 85 and then I actually get 17 mpg. Yes, my check engine light comes and goes while on road trips, too.

I changed my fuel pressure regulator while I had the top end of my engine torn apart replacing leaking valve cover gaskets a couple of weeks ago. My gas mileage immediatly went from 13 to 18mpg!!! It's an expensive part, I paid about $74 dollars for mine. However I feel that it was cheaper to replace it than fool around trying to test it.

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ba4rnr- how do you get 17 at 85?? on a recent trip between KC and St. Louis i got 12!!!!! i am replacing the regualtor on monday so we shall see what that does. Would cleaning the MAS help at all? i have done it before, and it cleaned up a rough idle? will cleaning this part help my mileage at all??

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Ok, I know all you people helping us with this whole gas mileage deal are probably sick of telling us whats wrong( I wouldn't blame ya) but I just want to know. Is the main thing to change the pressure regulator? Or should I also replace the o2 sensors and the MAFS. Sorry if this is makin you guys mad, but thanks for all the help.

Rock-In most cases here the culprit seems to be the fuel pressure regulator. Before replacing it though, I would do a tune up which includes new platinum plugs, a good set of aftermarket plug wires, running injector cleaner through your fuel system, replacing the fuel filter, cleaning your MAS & throttle body and replacing the air filter with a new one or investing in a K&N filter if you haven't done it already. Remember to reset your computer after any engine mod or tune up. Check your mileage after you've done all of these and if it's still bad, it would more than likely be your regulator. If you want you can check the pressure first. It should be in the mid 30s for psi. If its higher or lower then it should be replaced. Hope this helps.

i have 1999 ford ranger 3.2L. The average mileage was 17-21mpg. The mileage has changed to 14 mpg and constant for the last three fill-ups. No change in performance has been noted. I have owned the vehicle for three months and do not know its history. any ideas to improve gas mileage?

i have 1999 ford ranger 3.2L. The average mileage was 17-21mpg. The mileage has changed to 14 mpg and constant for the last three fill-ups. No change in performance has been noted. I have owned the vehicle for three months and do not know its history. any ideas to improve gas mileage?

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