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Really hoping someone can help me with this one...


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December 12, 2004
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Kitchener, Ontario
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91EB, 91EB, 92XLT
I get off of a trail today and back onto the road. I smelled something burning and it smelled like asphalt...look behind and theres nothing but smoke.

I pop the hood and its coming from down by the starter. I get under and theres a huge puddle of brown fluid...but it wasnt oil. I know what burning oil smells like. I pull the trans dipstick and surprisingly enough...the fluids brown?

So my truck has a huge transmission leak and the fluids brown when I changed it maybe 4 weeks ago with NEW RED fluid...

my problem is that I dont know where the leaks coming from and I would before I just start ripping it apart. All the leaking fluid comes from the left side of the front of the transmission. The right side is dry. Is mainly drips from the left side of the front of the tranny but the starter it also covered in it.

My truck also hasnt been shifting past first So I've been driving with it in 2nd, could this possibly have anything to do with it? And im REALLY CURIOUS WHY THE FLUIDS BROWN????????????

Glacier991 either thinks the seam on the torque converter blew or it's the front seal.

has anyone else ever had this problem and what did you do? I dont wanna replace a tranny or get it rebuilt, not made of money.

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sorry is brown because it is burnt...smell it you'll see. Don't know what from you have'nt gave much history :(

Yeah I did some extra searching after I posted and now i know its burnt.

Now wheres the leak? Anyone? please :)

hmmmm a 91 explorer probably has the a4ld in it and its probably the infamous front pump seal.... i would say your looking at a full rebuild if it hasnt been done already..... your lack of ****fing past first was exactly what my bronco II was doing (same tranny) and it gave up the ghost and completely grenaded 5000 miles later..... 1500 rebuild.... good luck and sorry to be the bearer of bad news....

do a search for front pump seal and a4ld and see what i mean...

I was reading about that.

I just wanted to make sure of what it was before i start taking everything apart and find out it was just a line that blew or vibrated out...

When you say you changed the fluid, did you just drop the pan (about ~4 quarts) or do a flush to get out ALL the fluid (~12 qts). If just the pan drop, then you leave 2/3 of the old burnt fluid in the tranny and contaminate your new fluid.