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Rear ABS light


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December 19, 2000
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About every 50 miles or so my Rear ABS light comes on for about 30 seconds then goes off. I did search for this and all the other threads spoke about this problem but they were also having the parking break light come on to or problems with other electrical things. Everything else seems to work fine on mine ex. I haven't tried jamming on the brakes when the lights on to see if the rear end locks up but honestly I don't know if I'd tell a difference cause even when the lights not on I can lock up the rear end. I think it's got something to do witht the bigger tires. All the other threads say to replace the RABS sensor. Should I even worry about this or should I just wait till the light comes on and stays on?

Electrical tape will fix that. Just cut off the appropriate size and place it over the warning light. :) Honestly I would bet your ABS is going out or a wire is loose and looses connection once in a while. ABS sucks though. Unless your on a dry road its pretty much useless if you ask me. :)

That's what I'm thinking too. The couple times I've gotten on the brakes hard even on dry road, the rear end locks up and tries to come around on me without the light on. Next time the light is on and I'm in a situation where I can jam on the brakes I'll try it and see if there's any difference. I might just live with the light occasionally coming on or disconnect it like you said. Outta sight, outta mind!!