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Rear ABS Sensor Replaced


June 20, 2001
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Wilmington, DE
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2000 Explorer Sport
I have 76K miles on my 2000 Sport. I was driving the other day and had the ABS light illuminate on my dash. I read through the posts on here and noticed many similar ABS light issues, and the most common fix was replace the rear ABS sensor. So I bought a new sensor from the dealer and just replaced it. The ABS light automatically cleared, so my ABS is working again. The rear ABS sensor cost about $20. It's mounted on the top front of the rear differential. It's very easy to replace. There is only one 3/8" bolt. The electrical connector was on there snuggly and I needed a small screw driver to get it to break loose. The old sensor was covered with gear oil a some small metal particles were on it. I think this is a very common failure item. I Just wanted to add another post as a data point for others.

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thats the speed sensor for teh ABS system not the rear abs sensor :)
Glad it fixed your problem!

Thanks for the info.

A lesson leanred. I uused the search to find this information and solve this exact problem on my explorer with out starting a new thread :)

thats the speed sensor for the ABS system not the rear abs sensor :)
Glad it fixed your problem!

wait a sec.. You are telling me the abs and vss are two different things? This may have answered the post I was about to make.

Last week just tooling along in my 99 xlt Eddy B and all of a sudden ABS light comes on and my speed-o went to ZERO. I did a little reading and went to the local auto parts store and picked up a new 3rd member sensor dude above was talking about. I plugged in that little jewel in thinking all is right with the world. WRONG! It did nothing to restore my speed-o and abs light. Next step, I returned to the parts house and picked up both wheel speed sensors for the left & right front wheels.

Again, No Joy, Still No Speed-O and ABS light with the P0500 code return.

Are you telling me there are 2 wheel sensors on the rear wheels/hubs? I did not bother even looking for them. I just assumed (you know what happens when someone ASSume's anything) that the one sensor on the 3rd member and the two on the front wheels was all of them. I guess that is why I'm a tech on high power am & fm radio transmitters and not a auto guru.

btw, my two front sensors was not shorted, in fact I read 1.9k ohms on each and minute voltage as the front wheels was turned but replaced them anyway.

This may or may not be related but checking fuses and voltage both inside and under the hood I learned this:

No blown fuses anywhere.

0.30 volts dc on fuse # 28. According to my owners manual that is the (GEM) Generic Electronic Module. This is with the key on. What's it do? and where is it?

0.08 volt dc on fuse # 33. Headlamps, Daytime Running Lamps, (DLR) Module, Instrument Cluster.

Any ideas what to check next? Where would I find the ABS module it's self?

Thanks Much