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Rear air bags (suspension)


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November 18, 2006
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'02 4x4 4.0 200K
I am constantly loading my 02 up quite a bit either occasionally hauling stuff, towing or moving every few months (college and seasonal work). Recently it has been sagging alot in the rear when loaded (although I have been loading it more than before, but not that much more) The rear is about level with the front (instead of an inch higher or whatever it its supposed to be) when unloaded now too. There is 140k on truck, original shocks/struts.
My questions are:
1. Airbags are my favorite option as I have seen trucks and some SUVs with coil springs with them but are they made for 3rd gens? And would they work with this suspension setup? Where would they go?
2. If air bags arn't an option, are there springs that would be better suited for the job?
3. Is it possible that my coil springs are shot and need to be replaced and that would get rid of the sag? I've talked to lots of people about this and they've never replaced springs on cars before, just shocks.....

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i dont believe theyd work, 140k is alot on original struts, id change em out with a set of kyb, monroe, struttex, or rancho quicklifts if you want a little bit of lift

Thats what i was afraid of. Not really looking for a lift, just want something that can handle a load more than stock springs. Any ideas?

have some stiffer coils made for just the rear

You could have a broken coil. I've seen a few with broken coils when the person tows/hauls alot

kybs are pretty stiff ... so it should handle the load and it would also give better handling

hey army, If I replace the struts is it better to just go ahead and replace the stock coils too or do you think it matters? as far as I know my stock coils are fine.

monroe quick struts ftw! mine sagged way less after i changed them @ 130k. actually lifted it up a little

hey army, If I replace the struts is it better to just go ahead and replace the stock coils too or do you think it matters? as far as I know my stock coils are fine.

its easier to get a loaded setup but if theyre not rusted/broken or just sagging its all in how much work you wanna do VS saving money ... me? im a cheap @$$ lol

Decided jsut to replace the struts and hope for the best: the rear struts- replaced with McPherson struts. the right was broken in 1 spot, the left was broken in FOUR!!!!! spots!!! When I pulled the strut out of the truck, pieces of the spring actually fell out onto the ground. I did a quick check to see if they were broken earlier but it was the top of the spring that was in rough shape so it was hard to see until I got it out. Never heard of this happening ever nor have the mechanics I have talked too.

Tried to do the fronts, springs are good there so just needed shocks but can't compress that spring enough to undo the bolt!! Frusturated and defeated after breaking a spring compressor I gave up until I can bring the struts into a shop to compress them.

I know the back will still sag when its fully loaded (me, my wife and all our posessions still fit in and ontop the X) but it won't be near as bad now.

'02's is common for rusted and broken rear springs. Monroe has a air-lift shock which is the only way to go as its coil over, as another suggestion.

I can't find that Monroe makes air shocks for 2005 Explorer having coil springs in rear.
I have same goal--stronger springs to reduce squat when towing with a 400-500# tongue weight. says they have solution. Just give them the OE part # of spring and tell them what you want. Supposedly has progressive rate also.

OE # for rear spring is supposedly 1L2Z-5560-BA.

Thanks guys, I will look into the coil thing.