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Rear axle leaking??


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March 3, 2014
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2007 ford sport trac 4.6
my sport trac has sprung a leak lol its dropping "oil" on the suspension im guessing cv axle seal? how hard is that to change? any advice? before i jump in and start ripping it apart lol. Also how do you add more oil to it? just curious new to the sport trac world.

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Where exactly does the leak come from? the strut or the cv axle? if its the strut it's old gotta change if it's the cv axle seal first loosen the axle nut then you would have to dismount the tire,brake caliper,(outer tie rod if its front) the lower and upper control arm,sway bar link, take the brake disc of (rear brake disc careful with parking brake) dismount the hub and you can pull out the cv axle take the seal out and get a new one it's no a big deal but it takes time and patience and yes you should check the oil level make sure it's the right seal otherwise it will continue leaking

i pressure washed it seems to be the actual strut, think i may just ride on it for a little while longer as i think im just going to sell the truck, purchased it for 9,400 bucks with 64,000 miles on it and its been one head ache after the other lol. Boy left the windows down in the truck and i got most of the stuff straight other than the traction control coming on during hard throttle and not cutting back off till you cut the truck off, keyless entry key pad doesnt work, 2 tire sensors are bad, and airbag light is on for a belt buckle assembly lol. Think its time for a new owner. 2 grand in repairs already!!!! so dont feel like such a good deal after all haha. thanks for your response the strut hard to change?

thanks alot!!! doesnt look that hard at all. seems to be a day job at best so should be a pretty simple deal! thanks!