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rear axle off center after lift, help..


March 4, 2010
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Traverse city, Michigan
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01xls 3"F150lift31"mt
Hey guys, so I finally got around to doing the f-150 leaf spring lift/tt and it worked better than expected, with the exception of what appears to be the rear axle shifted over to the passenger side about 3/4 of an inch. The centering pins are....centered, I added the springs one at a time, new U_bolts, it does not affect driving so far as i can tell but it bugs me because the extra off-set rims are suppose to stick the tires out farther and the driver side still looks stock and the passenger side sticks out a bit too much. The only thing I could think to try is loosen the u-bolts and beat the axle over a smidge???? bad idea? Could it be the center holes running through the springs is on a slight diagonal? I would appreciate some thoughts on this, no body around here has lifted explorers....that i know anyway...oh if it matters I have an 01 xls, thanks

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very interesting....take some pics and put them up here. does your model have the 5th "shock" on the axle that mounts somewhat parallel to the axle on the passengers side?
when reinstalling your axle, did you have any difficulty putting the springs and shackles back on?

My only thought on this was that the springs you got were already bent like that. The truck was probably beat on and got a bad hit at one point to do it. If you can, try and take a straight edge to the springs. It may not be possible though so you have to remove one and lay it on a flat surface to see.

It does have the fifth shock mounted on the passenger side, its on a diagonal, I never removed the main leaf on my ex when installing the extra leafs, btw i only added two f150 leafs per side with all the ex leafs, they alternate (main/f150/ex/f150/ex), there was a minimal amount of manuvering to get the springs back into place but the ground was a bit off level because we did it in a barn, I didnt think it would matter since the centering pins should line everything back up. How do i upload pics? thanks

i bet the truck sits way higher in the back, causing the 5th shock to top out, and making the diff off center,, take off the 5th shock,

You think the fifth shock would throw it off that much? I only got about 2.5 inches of lift. this is my dd too, will removing the fifth shock make handling worse or is it just to trouble shoot the prob? thanks

you wont notice the change if you remove the 5th shock.
it seems to me thats whats causing it to move over.
also you may want to check to see if the leafs are bent like Willard suggested.

unbolt everything and get it all loose, then take off the 5th shock and bolt it all back up again and check if its still off.

sounds like a plan then, I wont have time till next weekend or the one after but I will give it a try. Thanks for all your help guys