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rear axle removal and bearing replacement


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May 22, 2002
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05 XLT 4.6
I have discovered that I have a massive leak out of the right rear axle. The bearing looks like it needs replaced. There is alot of movement of the axle.

I have the everything torn down but I do not know how to get the axle out. Am I missing something that still needs removed?

Do I need something to pull the axle out of the rear end housing.

Here are some photos of how far I have it broken down to.


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I can't tell from your description or pictures, but have you removed the C-clips from the axle ends?

Here is a good writeup in the Aussie Locker sticky above:
here is a picture to give you a good visual without the spider gears. with the spider gears removed, you can see the axle gears on the left and right of the carrier. in the center of the left axle gear in this pic, you can see the end of the axle, and the c-clip holding it in place (c-clip looks like a U in this picture).

how to remove the c-clips? you have to remove the brake calipers first. there are two bolts holding each caliper in place, they are in the backside of the caliper.

with the calipers removed, you now have a little play with the axles. push the axles in, this will give you slack to remove the c-clips. then you can pull the axles out after the clips are removed, and then you can remove the axle gears. make sure you pull the thrust washers and the spider gear washers. dont leave them in the carrier!

this is a picture of the pieces just removed for a good visual of what you are to be removing. (form left to right) c-clips, thrust washers, axle gears.

I have the axle out..but that outer seal is becoming a booger...Any tips..

Should I get the torch out and heat that area up...

To get the axle seal out I just used a screwdriver and hammer and pry the seal out. I used a long tube to pound out the axle bearing.

I used a long tube to pound out the axle bearing.

You put in a long tube in the axle housing and beat on it from the differential side till the bearing came out?

I am trying to figure out how to get this out.

yes sir, from the diff side out.

I got it out..I used a torch and the seam hook prior bar...oh and BFH.

Thanks for everyones help on this project..

any recommendations on Gear Oil. The book says Synthetic 75W-140. The rear end has 200K Miles on it...