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Rear Back up Camera Location


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September 16, 2012
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Southern MD
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2006 Ford Explorer EB
Hey, could some of you guys post pictures of where you mounted your back-up cameras? I don't know if this has been asked before (My quick search didn't seem to yield anything).

I have a 2006 EB Explorer and am thinking about a flushmount, but I am fearful of drilling a hole in the tailgate. So maybe on the chrome piece above the license plate? That way iif I screw it up I can at least replace it. Also maybe on the bumper in line with the rear alert sensors.

I'm really interested to see what ideas people have come up with.


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I have one on my 06 that is mounted under the chrome piece . There are pics under the modified 4th gen section.

here is mine, would recommend going with a license plate camera though


here is mine, would recommend going with a license plate camera though

Why is that? I like where you put yours. I'm thinking of doing something similar only with a flush mount.

I am doing a license plate one right now, but want to replace it. I just got the line run through the license plate holes, up and around the rear gate and through the wire conduit (Huge pain) and up to about the drivers seat......and it's too short, so off to Radio Shack. When I do switch cameras, at least all this work is done, as long as I stay with the same manufacturer I guess.

Here are the pics of mine...



Fellas I have a question. I have wired EVERYTHING the right way but I am unsure as to which wire I need to attach the stereo's parking break green wire. I've heard of one coming from the main break, and a mysterious light green parking brake wire. I'm stumped with this. Anyone care to help??

my mom just got a new 2012 limited (thats actualy hos i got my 2002 xlt) and Im pretty sure the back up camera is tucked up by the handle for the back hatch, I would try tucking one up in there were you could still get enough of an angle to view with it, but still hide it from most eyes.
or be lazy and get the liscense plate mount.