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Rear brake line leaking


February 15, 2011
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houston texas
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1995 ford explorer
19956 xlt 4x4

I have a leaking rear brake line, its the line that runs from front to rear.

Ive done some reading and from what I understand the best thing to do is buy a new replacement line, cut the old line at some place. Then add a screw flare it and join the two line. I have a few question.

1. Where is the best place to cut the line? The leak is right by the tire. It looks really tight all the way down especial by the tank.

2. Would running new line from front to back be a better option?


You are better off to replace the whole line, front to back. However, if there is two good sections you can use unions to replace the bad spot in between. Chances are though this will just by you time.

If you replace the line as a whole. You will probably need to replace the hose as well and possibly the lines on the axle. Chances are the tube nuts will break off or twist the lines off and you will most likely be replaceing all the lines in the rear off the truck along with wheel cylinders. This I have found to be the case with most of my trucks here in the rust belt. It is also much easier to loosen the fuel tank mounts and move it to the side to run your new line.

Try loosening the tube nuts first and this will give you an idea of what will need replaced. Once the job is done, you will need to bleed the system. With your truck being a 95, it has 4 wheel ABS, and there is a special bleed procedure to properly bleed the system. It requires a special Ford tool which is expensive and not really available outside a good shop or dealer.