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Rear Brakes Dragging -- Possible Fix


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July 19, 2013
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Mechanicsburg, Central Pennsylvania
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1991 Ranger XLT
Was just viewing a number of threads and came across one where someone mentioned "Rear Brakes Dragging". Had similar issue and offer my fix which I hope might help someone.

Gas mileage dropped and it felt like the brakes were slightly dragging. Only I would notice it. Not all the time but it was there.

After spending a fair amount of $$ replacing a number of components in my rear brakes, my problem was still there. A diesel mechanic friend of a friend knew the issue and solved it in less than two hours. It was one/both of the brake lines. They were collapsing periodically preventing fluid from being returned to "release" the brakes. The lines have an outer hard covering and an "inner" hose. The inner hose rubber had weakened causing it to periodically collapse. No fluid return = inadequate release of brakes. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for the heads up if any of us ever have that problem.

Good info, thanks for posting. Considering the age of our vehicles and how rarely rear brake lines get replaced this is a valid concern for many of us.