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Rear Brakes Question

April 12, 2007
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Putney Kentucky
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'91 Mazda Navajo
Ok, It's my girlfriends '02 Explorer

We took it for a 2hr trip yesterday and going over some mountains, I noticed going down the mountains everytime I would "hit" the brakes, it would vibrate like crazy. I took all four tires off today, the front rotors and pads looked good. The rear rotors had 1/2 inch of rust all the way around them, on both the driver and passenger sides (seem like mainly on the outside). All four pads on the rear are thick but since they're not rubbing squarly on the rotors, I'm gonna take the rotors tomorrow to see if they can be turned. I'm thinking this is her probably since their is just an inch or so "shiny" left on the rotors. Does anyone else think so??

Also, I took the passenger side rotor off and realized it had shoes on the backside (inside) of the rotor (I did not know this) Anyway, when the rotor come off, one of the pads was in the rotor. I don't recall it popping loose (maybe it did) would this be her problem with the vibration. I'm assuming the only time these pads get used is when the parking brake is applied??? Am I wrong. I actually thought about sanding it down slightly and re appling the pad with some J.B. Weld. (I'll probably get slammed for thinking this) lol....Anyway, I would just like some oppinions, from anyone.......Thanks

One last question. How do I check and see if her rotors are bad? warped? etc?

First; The "drum brake" style shoes are indeed only used for the emergency/parking brake. They are notorious for self destructing.
#1 I would check the calipers to see if they are hanging up. If they are and the calipers are not frozen, get a hardware kit that includes the slides, pins and rubber boots and replace everything.
#2 I would either get a new set of rotors or get those turned.
#3 I personally would buy another set of brake pads (with new rotors).
#4 Get a set of new e-brake shoes and e-brake shoe hardware. Its about $10 and worth it.

When I let my Mounty sit for 6 months at work (while I was sent out of state), this is what happened to my rear brakes as well. The calipers were not frozen, but were hanging up. I replaced the rotors, (with good NAPA ones, the ones on the truck were autozone and rather cheap) and brake pads and e-brake shoes as well as the hardware for the calipers and new hardware for the e-brake. Haven't had a bit of trouble since.