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Rear coolant leak, what parts needed?


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February 25, 2007
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Calgary, Alberta
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2008 Limited V8 4x4
Hi everyone,

Experienced a bit of a coolant leak in the rear near all the hoses/fittings that presumably feed the rear heater core. These lines are visible underneath the truck behind the driver’s side rear tire.


Aside from the obvious rear heater core, does anyone have any insight as to what other hoses/fittings I should be purchasing in order to properly fix this?

Any links to part sources, RockAuto, etc would be appreciated. I’ve been “hosed” recently by dealerships on basic parts like this, so if I need to take it in for service I’d rather show up with everything in hand.

Thanks again,


As for the short outer hoses,you have to purchase and cut-to fit a universal ones (hose part number you can find in this forum,but if you struggling i can try to check in my email purchasing history)
The original hoses are discontinued or very hard to find.

The long inner original motorcraft hoses: ive ordered em via rockauto and the oem heater core via ebay.

The tire carrier area heater hoses are a couple of regular universal coolant cut to lenght hose.

All the part numbers found according to my VIN using fordpartgiant dot com site.

What would be involved in bypassing/deleting all the rear coolant lines and heater core?

Passenger side/ front wheel fender side, 2 metal coolant pipes disconnecting only