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Rear CV axle

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If you're just wanting the axle shaft itself (by which I mean both inner and outer cv's and the shaft, not an entire rear axle assembly with both shafts and differential) then no abs is right, cause the sensor for the abs is in the differential housing and reads the carrier speed, not the axle speed itself. I had to replace one, and like you, I couldn't find anything except the used market. Nobody aftermarket is making or rebuilding them that I could find, and dealer prices were ridiculous, to say the least. Good luck with it!

Thanks for the headsup. Maybe they will work. I'll find out tomorrow when I call to order them. Fronts are only $110 a pair. Might as well throw them on while I'm at it. This never ends.

Thanks for the time you spent to look Curtis. I ordered the ones off of ebay and they arrived this morning. They look beefy.

No, those last axles are for switching a newer Jeep (think TJ and JK) from regular U-joint style axles to axles with CV-style joints. They are for solid front axles, not IFS style.

I'll be following this one for sure. With all my front wheel bearing/ABS sensor issues I'm having lately I'll end up toasting my front cv's in no time. I so wish these trucks had part time SELECTABLE 4wd with no auto BS.

Axle's arrived today. Will be installed tomorrow. :thumbsup:

They're installed. No pics yet. Have appointment for alignment Tuesday morning.