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rear defroster does not work


September 29, 2012
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Fort Smith, Arkansas
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1999 Explorer 4.0 V6 OHV
The rear window defroster does not work on my 99 explorer. The light does not illuminate when i push the button at all. Does anyone know the likely culprit?

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First I would check the fuse. If good pull the panel and use test light to check for 12 volts going into switch, press switch and check for 12 v going out. Chances are it's the switch. Test for voltage at the terms on the rear window.

The light bulb could be out on the switch itself too.

if it turns out you need a switch, i think i have a spare.

Ok thanks guys. Checked my fuses and #27 was blown. Replaced it and defroster now works. Got my backup lights back now also. Thanks again.