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Rear differential oil leak


January 13, 2018
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Makkah, Saudi Arabia
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2016 explorer XLT AWD
I have a 2016 ford explorer 4WD with 50K miles and upon the last maintenance, the technician noticed a minimal oil leak from the rear differential on the right side.
please see the attached images and tell me what do you think.

There is no oil on the floor of my parking space

WhatsApp Image 32019-03-23 at 9.51.29 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 22019-03-23 at 9.51.29 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 12019-03-23 at 9.51.29 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-23 at 9.51.29 AM.jpeg

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Yep, looks like a small leak

What should I replace exactly?

Are you still under warranty? If so, trip to dealer to replace the seal.

Powertrain is 5yr, 60k. Take it to the dealer.

What should I replace exactly?
What did your tech say about it? If Ford tech, shame on them for not advising and repairing under warranty. If Indy, shame on them for just pointing out a problem and not explaining what needs to be done to fix.

I'm with KayGee, if that was a Ford dealer tech, that's horrible for not mentioning it's still under the powertrain warranty. That service advisor should've known your mileage etc..

The car is out of warranty unfortunately.

The car is out of warranty unfortunately.
out of b2b, but should be within pt 5/60 (or whatever the cdn equivalent is) as mentioned above. Was this a Ford tech or Indy?

Either way, any tech should advise you on what needs to be done to correct a problem, warranty or not. You should not just be told you have a leak and then find yourself on the internet asking for opinions on what to do.

Contact Ford dealer and ask them what you need to do to get vehicle fixed.

The car is out of warranty unfortunately.

Again, your powertrain is 5yr/60k, it is NOT out of warranty. 2016 is not 5 years old and 50k is less then 60k. It is under warranty.

unless it was a salvaged vehicle that was fixed back up, I don't believe they get the remainder of the warranty. But yes, if nothing unusual like that has happened that is covered by warranty.