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Rear door lock problem


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July 22, 2002
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'16 Explorer Sport
Hey guys, both of my rear doors on my 97 EB intermitently have lock problems. At random times, when people try to get out of the back the locks on either or both doors (sometimes they work fine!) don't come up all of the way to unlock. You can not fix it fromthe inside, so some one has to push the lock down, try to open the door from the outside while locked (to reset the lock sort of ) and then unlock the door and open it again to get them to work. (Hope you understand that!)

Any ideas of why this might happen? My child locks are not on.

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I have a lock problem too..

its on my girls 98 xsport. The drivers side will not unlock without mashing the button from inside and pulling on the handle, also inside, several times. Its a pain to go thru passenger side and do this. She basically goes unlocked most of the time. Any help with this?? Thanks in advance.


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I haven't seen this before but I would suspect a bad actuator or latch. Maybe some lube on the latch will fix your problem?

did anyone ever answer this. I have the same problem and tried lubricating the door. it acts like the child locks are on???