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Rear doors wont open from inside


May 19, 2008
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'00 XLT
Im thinking the actuators need to be replaced but not positive, you can open the doors from the outside, and the power locks work fine. Actually the passenger side rear door will open from the inside, but youve really gotta be yankin on the handle. Any suggestions?

When i bought the truck used, i noticed the actual handle on the inside was snapped off (obviously tried to open it too hard) and i replaced the handle so that rules out the option of that little L shaped linkage not being pulled far enough right there where the handle is.

EDIT- WOW Totally clicked the wrong year section, sorry bout that, could a mod please move it ?

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There is a switch under the latch that makes the door inoperable from the interior. Take a flat head screwdriver, and move it back and forth a few times.

Other than that, the interior handles are prone to breaking in the gears, causing them to not actuate the latch. Replace the interior handles. Take the door panel off. A single screw holds the handle in place.

Spray some WD-40 in the latch and actuate the latch with the outside handle a few times.


yeah see that makes sense, but i did all that when i replaced one of the handles and that is the side that wont open at all. I know how your saying though cause its just plastic gears.

Those door handles are very prone to breaking.
Ive replaced them multiple times

When you pull the handle there are small gear/teeth that actually pull the rod to the latch to open the door.

Those teeth break off or can skip. In either case, you wont be able to open the door from the inside.

A picture

Here's a movie where you can see the teeth and how they work.


My uncle is having this exact problem with his '04...where are you guys picking up a new latch assembly from?

My uncle is having this exact problem with his '04...where are you guys picking up a new latch assembly from?

I have not hand the door panel off my 04, but the handles are completely different from the 2nd gens.

You may have to investigate and take it apart.

Cool, will do...going to take it apart this weekend, seems to make sense that it would be related to the handle only, the door locks/unlocks fine, and opens from the outside. The only other thing i can think is the child lock mechanism is somehow stuck on.

My "02" started having a problem a week ago. You can manually open the door from inside and the lock switch does not seem to have any extra resistance on it. The problem is when I use the power door locks. When you press the switch, the problematic door lock switch barely moves, thus leaving the door either locked or open (depending where you started from). I took the door apart and don't see any physical problems. Could it be the little motor (or whatever you call it) is dying and does not have enough in it to open or close the switch fully or does it sound like something else to the trained ears out there? PM me if that did not make sense.

My rear doors on my 2000 Ford Explorer XLT do not open from the inside or outside. Today the rear handle is not opening the back hatch. It was fine and now there is no tension for it to open. The biggest problem i have been having along with these lock/ door issues is one of the doors is not closing all the way which in turn is leaving the dome light on causing my battery to die. i always unplug my battery when i am done driving so my battery is not drained. AGH!!! Need help with these door / lock issues.