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Rear End Sag Opinions


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June 28, 2005
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1999 XLT
Just wanted to get an opinion on installing either spring helpers or add-a-leaf to help correct rear end sag, one side(drivers of course) is sagging about 3/4-1" more than the passengers side. I poked around and saw JC whitney has bolt on leaf helpers that claim to restore the leaf arc. Cheap fix or should I do something else? Oh also would any of the above, and swaybar upgrades help ride comfort if I do decide to lower?

to correct the one sided sag you can swpa leaves from side to side Ie: passanger leaved to the drivers side Visa versa. It would be better to put an AAl on both sides not just one. IS your truck a sport?....a sway bar would help the cornering ability not the ride comfort. Shocks are a good idea if you want better ride but remember the Exploer is a truck and they dont ride like a towncar.

Sorry shouldve mentioned xlt. Understood, swapping sides would correct the "gansta lean" but I figured why not shore up both sides. I guess the reason I was asking about lowering also is, if i'm gonna be under fiddling with the springs why not throw on some blocks and u-bolts and drop it The front I can TT to level it out. I have monroe sensatrac which are good for what they do, I dont expect towncar or caddy ride comfort. My concerns are Handling 1st, comfort 2nd, looks 3rd.