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Rear End Sag


July 18, 2007
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Tampa Bay, Florida
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'02 Eddie Bauer 4x4 V6
My poor explorer has a sagging rear end. Boy that's not a nice combination of words no matter what you're talking about, lol.

I just put new SensaTrac shocks all the way around, those have been shot for awhile now. Replacing the axle dampening shock tonight, curious to see if there's a difference after reading about it.

So I know my leaf springs are probably rough, 193k miles on my trusty ol' Explorer. But my question is this. After looking around at all the options for either replacing the leaf springs, adding a helper leaf, and tons more add ons and "fixes", I really don't know what needs to be done and/or what would help.

I don't have a ton of bucks to put into it, but will replace what's needed and modify if it will improve ride stability and comfort. Didn't notice any sag until I hooked up my friends horse trailer to just move it across the property, then when I unhooked it the truck didn't spring back to full height....whoops!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as this is kind of foreign territory for me! Thanks.

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You can buy the add-a-leaf kit by Procomp for under $50. That will help stiffen things up. You can also add warrior shackles to stiffen up the suspension in the back and raise it, too. Some people feel like those contribute to further de-arching of the springs, though. Both of those options are very cheap and easy to install.

As a more expensive option, you can get your springs re-arched, or replace them with f-150 springs. I'd go with the add-a-leaf kit or the shackles.

Thanks Jason, I'll look into those.

what year f150 springs please i am in oz so hope they sold them here