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Rear end sag!


July 31, 2005
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2001 sport
Hey guys I know there's alot of information concerning the rear end sag on the sports. I have a 2001 Sport and wanted to swap in the 4-door springs. I called the local parts store and they said there are 3 different options to pick from. 1---1 main leaf and 2 helpers. 2----1 main leaf and 3 helpers. 3---1 main leaf and 4 helpers. Does it matter which one I would get? They are all within a dollar or so of one another. They are a direct bolt in replacement correct?? Thanks:D

You already have a leaf-pack that is comparable to the 4-door leafpack... The monoleaf ended with the 2000 sports.

Whats the best way to get rid of the sag? Replace the springs with the same amount of leafs or get new springs with an extra leaf in the pack.


if you want cheap, just do an AAL.

2 hours, $50. sag gone.