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Rear End Squeal


January 16, 2007
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Chesapeake, VA
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07 XLT
My 07 XLT has developed a loud and annoying squeal coming from the rear (it sounds like the passenger rear, but could be both). The first time I reported it to the service department they told me it was a known issue with some dust cover rubbing on the axel, and that Ford had no fix. So I lived with it for awhile, and again reported it to the service department. This time they claimed to have performed a TSB which basically was nothing more than lubing up the area. That seemed to work for about a week, but now the noise is coming back. Is this a known issue, or am I simply the unlucky one?
Noise is heard most from 0 - 30, it may still be happening at faster speeds but at that point I can't hear it.

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Dust cover? So the rubber boot is bad on the rear CV causing dirt to get in and grind away at the bearings. Your truck under warranty still?

Truck is still under warrenty for 2k more miles. I will be calling them tommorow. From the lack of responses I'm assuming this isn't a common Explorer problem. Are the rubber boots hard to replace?

Wow, I have began to notice this sound too. I have a 2008 sport trac and it is coming from the drivers side rear and it happens sometimes around 5-25 mph. Its a rotational sqeal sound thats anoying as heck. I would love to see what tsb they performed on your truck.

The sound you described is exactely what I have, hopefully your's doesn't get any worse but mine would do it almost continuously before the TSB. I dropped it off at the dealership again on Friday, only to be told they could not duplicate the results so they could not troubleshoot. Not sure what the TSB number was for the rear axle noise, but if I can find the sheet provided by the dealer I'll see if there is something on it.

Im a tech at honda I service all my own cars at work. So when my car was making this noise I first thought there was a rock caught up somewhere by the rotor. Well I was driving home and it was squealing and I pulled over and left the sport trac in nutural and got out. I was rolling the veehicle back and forth with my hands and could hear it. So, I took it in the shop and put it on the lift and tried to see what the hell is so loud. I took the wheel off the brake caliper and rotor off. There was no sign of scraping from a rock or nothing. The thing thats so weird is that its so intermentent. At first I thought a rear brake pad was hanging up so I lubed the brake pad sliders and reinstalled everything. I can understand that this is a very tough noise to verify at a shop if infact at the time its not making the noise. I saw that the dealer lubed a dust shield for you, now I inspected the axel for signs of scrapage and theres nothing,plus a rubber boot will not make that screaching noise so Im thinking that they lubed around the axel and metal backing plate of the rotor, this would make sence considering the noise it makes and if you have seen under the vehicle the axel is no where near anything except that backing plate. so having said that I will see if I can stick a flat head screwdriver around the axel and backing plate to make sure its not touching, that makes sence to me. I will lube it up too. But I do know 100% its the rear drivers side, but I will do both.

Well it seems like we are the only 2 people in the universe that has an explorer that screaches from the rear. Does this mean a chance of a good tsb is slim to nill to none? Why cant we have this 1 in a 1,000,000 chance luck at the casino?

Well I did check the axles and I seperated the backing plate from the axel as much as possible and lubed them both with zep 2000 penatrating grease... SUCCESS! there is no noise and I drove it 70 miles today to pick up the christmas tree. The only thing I heard pulling away from stops is the smooth V8. I dont think it will be a problem, everytime you get an oil change have them lube the rear axles along with all the bushings. Thats what I will do, I allready lubed the bushings anyway so not a big deal for me and I really like using the zep its just as good as grease from the tub but zep shoots out through a straw for the hard to get spots around the axle. Its about 20 bucks a can though. If you get under the rear of the vehicle you will see the axle and the tone ring and sensor for the abs, just shoot around behind the tone ring and good to go

squeal or screech

My '07 EB does the same thing, at low speeds. I have 27K miles on it. Can't really tell which side. I'll check out the lube idea and see what happens.

derekfo:: Thanks for the insightful explanations, based on what you have said I would have to agree with your diagnoses (however I'm not a mechanic). I will continue to have them lube up those areas when ever I get an oil change. Do you recommend attempting to pry the backing plate away a little?

I would check it out to see if it touching (obviously cuz is screaching) However I would just lube it with a good spray grease so it gets in there. The one thing about using a screw driver to create clearance is that the tone ring and abs sensor is right there and there could be a risk of damaging it. The fact that it is so intermentent tells me that you could just lube it every good every 3,000 or so miles as regular matainance and it will be fine. When lubed good it may last along time considering some never expirence this noise maybe ours is a lack of lube from the factory and will be fine from here out, dont know. As far as you not being a mechanic its easy law a towel down and crawl under the vehicle and spray right inbetween the axel and back plate of the rotor.

FORD: 2006-2008 Explorer
2007-2008 Explorer Sport Trac
MERCURY: 2006-2008 Mountaineer

Some 2006-2008 Explorer, Mountaineer and 2007-2008 Sport Trac vehicles built on or before 7/28/2008 may exhibit a high pitched squeal noise from the rear axle area while driving at low speeds. This may be caused by the rear outer axle halfshaft dust seals contacting the knuckle surface.

Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.


Position vehicle on a hoist and place it in neutral.
Remove the rear wheel and tire. For additional information, refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 204-04.
Remove and discard the rear axle wheel end nut. To install, tighten to 203 lb-ft (275 N-m). (Figure 1)

Figure 1 - Article 08-19-6


Use the special tool, press the outboard constant velocity (CV) joint until it is loose in the hub. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Article 08-19-6

Use a brush and apply Motorcraft® Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and Dielectric Compound to lubricate the rear axle halfshaft dust seal.
Reverse steps 2 and 3 to install halfshalt, tire, and wheel.

XG-3-A Motorcraft® Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and Dielectric Compound
N808405-S100A Nut

Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage
IMPORTANT: Warranty coverage limits/policies are not altered by a TSB. Warranty coverage limits are determined by the identified causal part.

081906A 2006-2008 Explorer/Mountaineer, 2007-2008 Explorer Sport Trac: Lubricate One Rear Constant Velocity Outboard Joint to Knuckle Dust Seal: 0.5 Hrs(Do Not Use With 4139A, 5968A) 0.5 Hr.
081906B 2006-2008 Explorer/Mountaineer, 2007-2008 Explorer Sport Trac: Lubricate Both Rear Constant Velocity Outboard Joint to Knuckle Dust Seal: 0.9 Hrs (Do Not Use With 4139A, 5968A) 0.9 Hr.

1175 14


NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do the job properly and safely. It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper vehicle service. The procedures should not be performed by "do-it-yourselfers". Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. Warranty Policy and Extended Service Plan documentation determine Warranty and/or Extended Service Plan coverage unless stated otherwise in the TSB article. The information in this Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) was current at the time of printing. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to supercede this information with updates. The most recent information is available through Ford Motor Company's on-line technical resources.

Copyright © 2008 Ford Motor Company

Does anyone have a link to an official site to the TSB mentioned in this thread?

Thank you

Wow, I sure thought this was a brake pad sticking on mine. It is very intermintent and sometimes we don't hear it for weeks. It sounds to me like a brake pad barely touching a slightly warped rotor as it comes a goes as the wheel goes around. Is that what you guys hear?

I have a similar sounding issue with my 05 EB. Not sure if it's something in common with the 06 and newer Explorers as well.

I hear the squealing noise only at low speeds. It sounds like something that is making contact with something once every wheel rotation. I think it's in the rear. So, at lower speeds, it's not as frequent and a little lower pitched... If I got a little faster, it's a little higher pitched and more frequent. I notice it a lot since I park in a parking garage every day for work, and at parking garage speeds, it's the most noticeable. It also seems to change pitch when I take a right turn in particular.

Once I get going over 20 or so, I don't notice the noise.
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My truck squeaks too

I have no idea why mine squeaks but the breaks are brand new, the rear differential is lubricated. I have checked all my bearings. my axle has been checked. I don't know what else to do. Everyone I have sent it to can't find any significant rubbing or scratching.