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Rear end tick


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January 25, 2014
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Gentryville, IN
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2005 Explorer XLT
When I'm driving slow like thru a parking lot I can hear a ticking noise. Any ideas?

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Rock in tires tread?


Rotational ticking? Does the sound change with speed? If so, and the wheel bearings are OK, start by checking u-joints
and ALL brakes. Pebble stuck in a brake dust shield? Had a similar noise and ended up being a sticking rear brake caliper. :scratch:

Agreed ^ Could also be the parking brake shoes, they ride inside the hub of the brake rotor( behind the axle shaft hub/flange). There could be rust build up in there or the shoes could be starting to come apart. Something else to check.

Ok thanks guys

Another vote for rear parking brake shoes. Mine have come apart twice now and clicked at slow speeds as you describe.

THIS^^^^^ sounds like parking brake shoes to me, too.

It was the shoes. Thanks guys