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Rear Hatch Jammed


September 22, 2014
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2003 Explorer EB
Hi all, did some looking and couldn't find anything at all on this. Last week on my way back from some camping and hiking I realized that the top hatch piece looked like it was open. I tried to pop it using the key fob and button above the rear handle, but nothing happened. I couldn't push it back in or open it with my hands, so I've just been ignoring it up until now.


I admit I know very little about the opening mechanism of the top hatch, I rarely use it. As far as I can figure out though on the drivers side there's an arm that pushes it open. To me this seems to be the problem, it looks like this arm is jammed. I can see why this wouldn't allow it to close but don't know why this would effect it being able to open though.



I wasn't rear ended and didn't back into anything, but I suspect driving on 15-20 miles of dirt roads probably caused whatever is wrong here.

Any help, knowledge or suggestions on this is appreciated, thanks.

Too much tension on it for the latch to release I suppose. I would gently apply pressure to the middle while pressing the blue button on the remote several times to get it to release.

is your rear windshield wipers loose or you can wiggle it up and down? if yes then the bracket for the lock rod is rusted inside the hatch. I got the same issue, it will eventually get lose and fall off and the rear glass will be open all the time.
also does it has the famous "butt crack"?