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Rear Hatch Question


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November 7, 2011
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Sussex, New Brunswicl
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2000 Ford Explorer
I need a rear hatch for my '00 Eddie Bauer. Will a hatch from a '96 fit my truck?

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Like would I have to change anything (tailights, hinges, latches, etc. to make an older hatch fit?

I read about the swap here recently, I believe the guy said he had to swap the harness.

The '96 hatch will bolt on, but the harness is different, you will have to change your taillights, and put the rear bumper from the '96 on also since you will no longer have a place for your license plate. Also, the tint of the glass will not be the same either. '96 is mirrored, '00 is dark smoke.

Good point about the license plate...