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Rear leaf/ shackle ?

November 8, 2010
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Southern Oregon
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96 Explorer
If I swap the stock leafs out for old man emu leafs, do I need to change shackles out??? I have the crappy mono spring and I'm going to swap in 4dr leaves.. I have 3" BL and don't want to go with more than 1.5" of lift for a total of 4.5" I know the shackles will also add lift.. Can I just put the new leaves in and run the stock shackles?? Thanks for the info...:roll:

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If not I will go stock 4dr leaves and shackles I guess???

You can still run the stock shackles, check them for any rust thru to be safe. Wait you're from Oregon they shouldn't have any rust holes in them, here in the northeast is a diffferent story though. Damn I miss living in Oregon !!!!!!!!

No need to brag. lol