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Rear leaf spring questions

94 Crawler

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March 9, 2007
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'94 Ranger SuperCab
I have a rear leaf spring question and i know rear springs have been covered several times. I am shure National or Deavers could build me apack that would work but if I dont have to go that route i would prefer to stay with something off the shelf. What i have is a stock 4wd Explorer spring with a 5.5 block. I have recieved a reply from RockRanger on another thread abought 63" chevy springs. Best case will be chevy spring, 4" shackle, 2 or 3" block unless i want to go AAL and I will still require the block. also the chevy spring swap will require modifying the rear body mount bracket so the front leaf spring bracket can be mounted to the proper location and due to strength issues I would prefer not to go this route. Ok my thought is to go with a 6" Skyjacker Ranger spring with a 4" shackle or go through the trouble of modifying the front hanger, which will include reinforcing the body mt bracket, and installing a set of 4" chevy springs and a 4" shackle which may be too high. Oh and I do know that a 4" shackle only nets 2". Just some ideas on how to do it. I just want to keep it as flexy as possible because this is going to be the suspension i run when I do my sas in a couple of years.:help:


Anyone with a similer setup?