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Rear leaf springs by Deaver compatible?


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December 18, 2011
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Las Vegas, NV
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1999 4WD 2DR Explorer
So in another thread I read about Deaver springs. Never hard about them before and wondering if they are compatible with the Explorer. Their web page only shows them for 83-07 leaf springs for Rangers. Would they swap over to the Explorer? I'm not familiar with the Ranger but seems many chassis things are the same. Any experience with them?

Deaver will build you any spring you want.
Yes they make explorer leaf packs
Yes many of the ranger off road packs will be similar to explorer, but I would call them as Rangers use much much softer springs then a heavy 4 door exploder
There are some other spring companies as well, Alcan, Denver Spring and others.........

I run the deaver pre-runners in the rear of mine (believe they have a separate part number for explorers, even if not listed). I also run custom extended shackles. Something I didn't know about the explorer's springs vs that of Rangers, Explorers actually have a bit of better (smoother arch angle like travel is it?). Not sure if it was any additional travel, but the "movement" is better on an explorer vs a Ranger. My original builder told me that from all the gazillions he's built over the years. I believe him based on how well mine works.

Deavers, when properly setup with the required shock for the application and beefed up bump stops or air can bumps are hard to beat, until you splurge and go with a 2 or 4 link coilover setup.... They've been great to me and I'm cycling a strapped 17-18" inches I believe back there currently.

The others 410 mentioned, of course are reputable too. Deavers just has an edge, maybe based on being around as long as WellsFargo, making their horse and buggy leaf's, HAHA.....ok, well, pretty much same time frames in history. :p