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Rear Leaf Springs!


June 6, 2010
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Staten island, New York
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'01 Ex Sport SOHC 4.0
Hey guys! I'm wanting to put some work into my newly acquired Explorer Sport. It's an '01. First off, I'd like to change the leaf springs in the rear, as its beginning to have a bit of a sag =(. I took some pictures of my current springs while the rear of my truck was jacked up (bumper issue) and then again while it was not. I have heard that the stock sports used mono leafs, and while I am new, these leafs don't look very mono - ish, but I could most definitely be wrong. Some input or tips on this project idea, and even if these leafs are mono or not would be greatly appreciated!

Edit : I'm having trouble posting these pictures -.-


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Since you aren't an elite member you will need to use photobuck or something similar and link them this site in order to post pictures. The explorer sport should be a mono leaf spring. If you look at your leaf springs you should see single leaf with about 3 spacers under it.

I think 01-03 sports had multi-leaf springs.

Here are the pictures!

Jacked Up


Without Jack - Supporting its own weight



Thanks alot XLT for the picture help.
These show that I DO have multi leaf springs, and they are a bit old and rusted =/.
What are everyone's thoughts on rearching these springs? Would a rearch and then AAL be a feasible solution to not only fix the sag but add a few inches? thanks again for all the help! =D


I dont know about re-arching, but you could get a AAL and shackles, that would probably put it a little over stock then you can adjust the torsion bars up front to correct most of the drivers side lean

You could get new ones from LMCtruck dot com for about 100 bucks a side.
Shipping is on you though

I recommend swapping in leaf springs from a four dour ex. they can be had pretty cheap at junk yards

hey monty, LMC looks great! thanks for the tips, you think if I got the 4 leaf instead of the 3 leaf it would gain some lift? would it even fit? it looks as if it could be universal almost for this gen.


Yes, it will fit. As for a little lift? If you got any it would not be very much. The 4 leaf would take a little more time to flatten out. They may give you a slightly harsher ride, but its a truck, not a Caddy.