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rear leafs up front 91 x


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October 16, 2009
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91 eddie bauer
i am doing a SAS on my 91 x, currently there is a crysler 9.25 FW in the rear just sprung over, i have a dodge d44 going in the front. anyway, did some measuring on the rear springs and from the front of the frame to the axle center of the front end, and by using the rear leafs in the front i would move the axle forward about 1-2"s which is what i want, and 63" chevys are already to go in the back anyways so i wanted some input on using the rear leafs in the front, i would guess an add a leaf or mixed pack would be required, but some input would be great

I think it would work fine with an addaleaf... maybe take a stock main leaf, cut the ends off so it fits inbetween the 1st and 2nd leaf and use that.

sounds like a plan

well i guess its settled then rear leafs up front and 63" chevys in the back and leaf adjustments to even it out, thanks for the input