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rear passenger window replacement


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January 12, 2007
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houston texas
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2003 sport trac
someone smashed in my right rear passenger window just to steal my cd's and a couple of flashlights....anyway are there any tricks or gotcha's when removing the door panel etc....i appreciate the help...

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I need this too, we kinda had a round fired into our rear window and we need to replace it before we drop the truck back off at the base.


The back window just un bolts. take all the trim off around it. you can get one from a J/Y for like 20 bux. As far as the door panel i dont know never had mine off.

I've never had a door panel off on my Sport Trac, but I imagine it's like any other Ford door panel. There is probably 2 screws to take out near the handle and then there's plastic pop rivets that hold the rest of the door panel on.
Which break or get mangled over time. I hate plastic pop rivets. :shoot:

Just pull the panel off after you take all of the bolts out. The hardest part that you are going to run into is drilling the old window frame attachment bracket out.