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Rear Power window issue still


June 28, 2011
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Elwood, Indiana
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01 Sport Trac 4x4
I had posted about a month ago about my rear window not closing after I open it. I have tried to do the initialization many times but the window will not go all the way up during the initialization process. It use to bounce back down when it tried to go up but now it just stops and I have to do the first step of the process a few times to get it to close all the way.

This weekend I removed the back panel to inspect the window parts. The motor works and and the window is not in a bind. The only thing I saw was that the regulator cables were worn and rusty. The one on the upper part of the motor was tight with the outer spring fully compressed against the motor and the lower cable had movement kind of humped up and the outer spring was not compressed against the motor but still connected. This was while the window was open.

I don't know what else to try. Any input?


Replace the regulator. They're famous for the cable housing ("spring", as you say) rusting in two and causing the cable to bind.