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Rear rocker panels??

Hey everyone, just a question here regarding the best place to locate new remanufactured rear driver and pass side rocker panels.
my Eddie is starting to get really crispy under the rockers just in front of the rear wheels. the guy i go to for bodywork says that he needs new panels in order to fix the problem properly, and re-attach the running boards to solid metal.
any suggestions where I can get these?

thanks Blake


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September 5, 2007
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'97 XL 2WD & '03 XLT 4x4
Being that you are a fellow Ontario boy, go down to your local CarQuest and order a set from Cross Canada here is a link for your's part #s 584-04R & 584-04L ($62.50cdn ea)
Or if you need the section right in front of the wheel well where it flares out too, try part #s 584-03R & 584-03L ($138.04cdn ea) This one is listed under the 91-94 only, don't know why they are the same.

But if you are takeing to a bodyshop they should be able to get these for you at the same price or less, it is elegal for them to charge you any more than retail. So if they are chargeing you more for the parts, they are either ripping you off or they should find a better supplier.