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Rear seat head restraints deal breaker?


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September 22, 2019
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2013 Taurus Interceptor
Long time listener, first time caller.... happy to be here! So I'm thinking of upgrading from my '13 Taurus Interceptor to the Explorer until today... When looking at interior photos led to my discovery that the rear seats do not have head restraints. I tried my hardest to find out more about the law because I could have sworn that rear seat headrests were a safety requirement since the 90's. Anyway this being a family car replacement has me concerned about the safety ramifications with rear end collisions and no head restraints. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm just shocked that not all modern vehicles even the Police SUVs don't have rear seat head restraints. The Tahoe does though I'm not interested. Thanks again.


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I believe rear headrests are still technically "optional" under US and Canadian law, but I haven't researched that in years because my current job doesn't involve seating/interiors.

If it's important to you, you should be able to pick up a civilian seat from a local wrecking yard, and still live your dream!

I can Only speak for myself but... If you have kids that routinely sit in the back I'd absolutely find a way to swap out the police seats with stock seats that have headrests.

I second the civilian seat swap option. It's just a matter of removing some bolts, pulling out the old seat, and dropping the new one in. And it has the added bonus of a little more room when folded down. I got our seats from a junkyard.